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6/11/11 3:44 P


CICI510 Posts: 9,161
6/11/11 3:12 P

I do love green tea and have been trying to add that to my eating regimen every day but man with it being triple digits the last thing I want is hot tea! LOL

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
6/11/11 2:54 P

Green tea fat burner pills are just caffeine, sometimes with capsaicin and black pepper added. They don't affect weight loss, and they can be harmful because the amount of caffeine isn't standardized. One pill might have as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee, and another pill in the same bottle might have as much as five or ten cups. You have no way of knowing, and a caffeine overdose can make you miserably sick. On top of that, if the caffeine affects your sleep, you can end up GAINING weight from the pills.

If you want the effect of those fat burner pills, drink green tea, double the amount of black pepper you add to your food, and eat some hot chili peppers every day. You'll get a more controlled dose of caffeine, plus antioxidants from the actual tea and vitamins from the chili peppers. You'll also save money. Food is healthier, safer, and cheaper-- a triple win!

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6/11/11 12:21 P

I just ran to the dollar store . I found green tea fat burner for four dollars I'm trying it. I will let u no how it works

CICI510 Posts: 9,161
6/11/11 11:52 A

I thought about trying that green tea fat burner myself....

I'm really not on a regular supplement and I know I need to be but there are so many out there its overwhelming

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6/11/11 10:39 A

I try to get 50 of fiber every day. I use high fiber oatmeal, double fiber bread,apples broccoli,sweet potato,and green beans

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6/11/11 10:37 A

Green tea fat burner? We dont have a Costco. Is that what. it is called. Cost?

ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
6/11/11 10:28 A

Fiber can fill you up and keep the "pipes" moving.

DWROBERGE Posts: 374,074
6/11/11 10:28 A

very necessary.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
6/11/11 10:26 A

I take the green tea fat burner from Costco. Now it doesn't exactly burn the fat, but what happens is you are less hungry, so less overeating. Also, it really kicks up your workout and you just want to keep going. I can easily do a 2 hr workout with no fatigue. Now you shouldn't be on it long term and will need to take a break or your body eventually adjusts to the fat burner. I haven't taken it for about 4 months now. I am going back on this month because I gave my body a break and I want those last 10 pounds gone, so I am ready to get serious once again.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
6/11/11 10:22 A


LILYSMOM08 Posts: 1,142
6/11/11 10:22 A

Stay away from any so-called "diet aids and supplements".......None of them really do anything good but make the manufacturers and distributors richer.......A good multi-vitamin (and maybe a calcium supplement with Vitamin D) ought to be sufficient and try and get the rest of the nutrients you need from healthy eating......

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6/11/11 10:18 A

Vitamin D and Fish Oil for me as well

MIZKAREN Posts: 55,803
6/11/11 10:13 A

vit d, B12, fish oil

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6/11/11 9:07 A

Look up Dr oz and vit. D. He says to take 2000 of vit. D and it does help. Also fish oil, b complex,c,calcium, and rosehips. Hope this helps

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (84,418)
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6/11/11 9:05 A

Tracking food intake, taking in less than you burn + cardio is all you will find officially on this site. This is a 100% successful way to lose weight and keep it off.

In addition, several articles on SP basically say there is no fat burning acceleration supplement that has been shown to be safe and effective. But, search SP yourself and confirm this.


PIXIESUE Posts: 338
6/11/11 9:04 A

My doctors advice: a good multivitamin can't hurt, but those weight loss things (like alli) can seriously compromise your health. he told me to stay away from them

SHERRY9300 Posts: 124
6/11/11 9:03 A

Okay, I know that supplements have a bad name here and a lot of it is rightly so. Nothing works without changes is diet/exercise. Since you know that, here is my answer. About a year ago I became involved in Advocare as a distributor and therefore spent quite a bit on product. Did the 24 day challenge with positive results and took the MNS packets and Catalyst religiously for several months. My lifestyle didn't change much and my weight loss was minimal and I discontinued, having several bottles of supplements left over. When I started this journey I went ahead and decided to take the supplements I had. They do not make me jittery or have any negative effects on me. I take 3 Advocare Catalyst and 1 Advocare ThermoPlus in the morning. I don't know how much of it is me or the product, but I've been doing very well over the last two months. I am a distributor, but if you were going to try the product, I would totally recommend that you get it on eBay and pay far less than even the distributor discount.

However, that being said, when I'm done with this (and that will be in the next week or so) I do not plan on purchasing any more. Hope this helps.


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6/11/11 8:52 A

Does anyone have a recommendation as to what supplements to take to assist in fat loss? I know there is no magic pill, but I would like to enhance my current results if possible. Every supplement claims that they work, but I am looking for REAL people who have had positive results. Thanks emoticon

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