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2/5/12 2:13 P

We are hosting the party and are having a normal meal that should be easy to eat in moderation and enjoy along with everyone else.

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2/5/12 2:02 P

The bf and I are going to a friend's Super Bowl Party and will be bringing...

- homemade guacamole
- homemade buffalo wing dip (not the skinny version)
- Funyuns, tortilla chips, Triscuits for dipping
- mozzarella sticks, corn dogs & jalapeno poppers to deep-fry (uh oh)
- crappy frozen pizza.

Not the healthiest things, but I don't plan on going all out on the deep-fried foods. :P

2/5/12 1:51 P

We've got veggies with hummus and chips and salsa, and we'll get delivery of pizza and wings. I'm not too worried about calories today - I'll have a little bit of everything, just not overeat more than I need to.

Also, my pizza place makes great soups and salads, so I can order something a little healthier for myself.

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2/5/12 1:45 P

Having loads of veggies, tortilla chips with salsa and hummus (my favorite dip!). Also having turkey meatballs, shrimp, home-made chicken wings for the kids. Lite beer for DH...sun-tea for me.


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2/5/12 12:44 P

This will be my first Superbowl where I am going to be focused on my nutritional intake. We have family coming over for the game, so I wanted to be careful not to be extreme in my healthy eating...THIS time. So for apps, we are going hummus and veggies, chicken salad, tortilla chips and salsa. My husband's on the grill, but Im going to have salmon instead of the other meats. Sides are green beans, pasta salad, and potato salad (for THEM). And another first: NO alcoholic beverages! Hopefully no one will complain about all the green stuff :) Have a great day!

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