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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,949
2/2/13 4:45 P

I think there are probably as many ways to deal with it as there are people. I like the suggestions that have already been given. Planning ahead really helps. Choosing one or two of the things you have been craving and enter them into your tracker in advance (be as honest as possible since you don't actually know exactly what will be there) - try different combinations of your favorites and find a way to fit them into your PLAN. Having said that, drinking something lower in cals helps, as can alternating between water and your drinks - first one and then a glass of water. Deciding in advance that you are going to PROBABLY go over the cal range, enjoy what you choose and do the best you can with what's available, but don't beat yourself up IF you CHOOSE to eat more than your range. When you KNOW in advance that you have permission to choose whatever you like, you are MORE likely to choose wisely and LESS likely to go crazy. It is an event that happens once a year and it is okay to decide to have a little more than normal. You can also eat a little less for the next few days - staying near the bottom of your range to make up if you went over tomorrow. You might even start today eating lighter so you have some cals in your savings account. HAVE FUN is the NUMBER ONE RULE ENJOY every bite and don't allow guilt to spoil it or when I do that I am sure to eat more and make worse choices.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
2/2/13 4:24 P

OH, I might make a bowl of pop corn....I know I have some packets that are salt's not bad!!

DSMALE22 Posts: 3
2/2/13 1:30 P

Thank you so that really does help! I do plan on doing my regular work out for sure, maybe I'll even add 5 minutes to it! Hopefully heres a veggie tray to pick at!! :)

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2/2/13 11:49 A


I'm no expert (I sometimes give in at these gatherings, too) but here are a few things that have worked for me in the past.

1. Stick to your regular calorie counting for the first part of the day. Be sure to eat a little smaller portions than usual so that you have a few extra calories to "spend" at the get-together.

2. Get in a good workout. Again, this gives you extra calories to "spend" later. It sometimes also gives a person incentive to make better choices later.

3. When you do get to the party, find places where you can save a few calories. Make one choice instead of another. For example, if your favorites are things like the nachos or the potato chips, are you willing to choose something less calorie-laden to drink in order to make up for the extra calories in your favorites? (Did that make sense?)

4. It's hard, but try not to pay too much attention to the foods other people around you are enjoying. Enjoy the game and the people.

Take care and enjoy the day! emoticon

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DSMALE22 Posts: 3
2/2/13 9:06 A

How do I stay on track at a Superbowl get together? I know there will be tons of high calorie foods that I have been craving for weeks! Helppppppp!!!!!

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