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12/27/13 8:11 P


Sorry you are having trouble! Not everyone sees the same ads, so any ads you see that interfere with your use of the site can be reported following the instructions in this article
. Though the article specifically references "inappropriate" advertisements this is also the way to report ads that interfere with use of the site. Doing this will give the appropriate staff members the information needed to track down the ad.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
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12/27/13 7:19 P

I see the ads, and when I'm interested in one, I'll click to watch or read it. Why they automatically pop up or start audio without clicking the play button is very annoying. Let it be an option SP!!!!

12/27/13 5:20 P

I use AdBlock Plus for Firefox...byebye ads

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,487
12/27/13 5:15 P

I go to INTERNET OPTIONS and delete my browsing history periodically and clear my cookies ....seems to eliminate the problem with the phantom pop-up.

SLLYONS51 Posts: 3,169
12/27/13 3:54 A

I have clicked of that Target Spiderman movie ad a dozen times this morning. Normally the ads don't bother me but today its annoying!!!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
12/27/13 3:16 A

It covers the screen on my tab when I magnify anything to read! Forcing me to read in fine print! Pls stop it covering stuff that ppl want to read!

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