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7/21/13 11:38 A

I used to get respite care but he is high functioning and not able to get it now. I can't afford to pay anyone. My hubby works third shift and in general does not help out. Thank you for the encouragement though..every bit helps:)

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7/21/13 7:31 A

I don't have any wisdom to add beyond the suggestions below, but I feel for you and hope you find a way around this. You've done so well and obviously know what to do when given the opportunity. Hold steady the course....

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7/21/13 5:54 A

First of all, someone needs to give you a big fat star for all you give to your family---GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!
Have you ever considered a little respite care, which is basically someone who is highly qualified to watch your son for an hour or two so you can go do your thing. United way offers it, often free of charge, through local agencies. Go to your local library, and ask for the United Way BLUE BOOK. In it, look under respite care. Or ask your pediatrician. He may be able to put you in touch. You deserve this service. You do a lot for other people, and it is time to get some time for you. I know a standard babysitter is not going to work for this situation, which is why I recommend respite care--they are highly trained for exactly your situation.

Good luck, and I hope you get your answer.


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7/20/13 10:26 P

Do WHATEVER you need to do to keep moving! Get rid of the sugar/candy. There's nobody in your house (or on this planet!) that needs it anyway! Do you have an xbox at your house or a wii? Could you do exercises on them?

Great job on the weight loss! don't let yourself slide! (And take a nap when your hubby gets home from work!)

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7/20/13 10:25 P

Watching TV and riding his bike with this kid near my mom's house. We cant keep the bike in our room. He is moody and he really doesn't move enough unless there are kids his age there. He lacks social skills so finding kids is hard.

7/20/13 10:01 P

What sort of activities does your son like doing?

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7/20/13 7:34 P

I lost 40 pounds in 3 months as of last week. Then I started gettingn hungrier and not tracking what I was eating ( handful or this bite of that). My 10 yr old high functioning autistic son is leaving me sleep deprived being home all the time ( autistic kids do not sleep much). Also I am losing one cardio workout a week, so I am down to two, on back to back days at work. I can't take my son with me to the apartment gym, no kids, I have no sitter, I also care for my parents. I manage yoga workouts and free weights when he is in bed but that is too late at night for cardio. During the morning he is always, always up before me. He is not a kid that will jsut go for a walk either. I am thinking maybe I should just focus on maintaining till school starts. I am discouraged. Also, with him having candy and sweet stuff ( as well as the husband) it is hard to resist it lately.

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