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7/30/11 2:52 P

Summer is the best time to lose weight, so stay away from SUGAR/STARCHES as they make your Insulin level go up and that makes you CRAVE more junk. Drink that water!

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7/28/11 9:50 A

you have the right attitude about it, keep up the good work

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7/27/11 6:40 P

I totally understand. I am fine all week when dh is at work and dd is at the camp of the week, but on weekends they mess up my routine and it is so easy to say well it is the weekend. I don't know what I would do is I had as many disruptions as you have had. Maybe you can talk your son into mall walking?

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7/27/11 10:05 A

Well..... Let me start by saying "Everything just went out the window" At first I kept up with my workouts. I told my son it was "P.E" and he would do about 10 minutes of cardio with me and then he slowly stopped after a week. Then My Mother In-Law was here every day cause she's been off work for 3 weeks. which my workout schedule got worse. Then My husband was home everyday cause of this HEATWAVE!!! Long Story short, I havn't worked out for 2 weeks and My eating habits have basically sucked!

Good News: I'm not gonna get depressed, Everyone should be out of the house and back at work in a by tuesday (so 1 week). I've carved out my workout time and I'm just gonna do floor excercised in my bedroom until I have the house to myself again.

I'm in control of my body and I have to live with how I treat it!!!
No More excuses!!!

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