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Vitamins are a waste of money. Most Americans get all the nutrients they need (and more!) in their daily diet. Use your money for groceries, instead.

4/19/13 3:22 P

Within this thread there is some potentially dangerous advice about the use of supplements.
Doing a google or pintrest search to determine what supplements to take is inapprorate and unsafe advice. Suggesting that a person use large amounts of vitamin C for the treatment of strep is dangerous.

Do "not" take any individual supplements, unless prescribed by your doctor or discussing its usage with your doctor prior to taking the individual supplement.

A general multivitamin-mineral supplement is a safe option for most healthy adults---like a centrum, one-a-day, or similar store brand. This SP article gives more tips on selection and usage. I think you will find it helpful.

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I'm lazy, so I take mine all at once, usually in the morning (since I heard that taking them with food helps you absorb them better). I take a women's multi, vitamin e, ginkgo biloba, calcium + d, b-complex (good for nutrient absorption and efficient energy usage, they say), biotin (good for hair, skin, and nails, and a mild natural anti-depressant), and calcium +d (always choose a calcium supplement with d, because the d helps you absorb the calcium).

Other than that--really, you can google vitamins and their uses, or if I have an issue (like when I wanted a natural remedy for strep throat), I'll google 'natural treatment/remedy for [blank]'. So, when I googled 'natural remedy for strep throat,' it popped up that garlic supplements and vitamin c supplements in large quantities would help, and that chamomile tea is a natural pain-reliever, and that mint is a natural swelling reducer. So, between the chamomile-mint tea and the supplements (and a little ibuprofen to take the edge off), I survived strep with no visit to the doctor...
Google is a dieter's best friend... Pinterest is, too... :-)

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Why? You can get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need from a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables. (Unless you have a chronic disorder which keeps your body from processing certain nutrients and then you'd need to see a doctor for the best treatment plan). But taking vitamins for the sake of taking vitamins is a fast way to send money down the drain, IMO.

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4/19/13 1:11 P

I wanted to get a regular routine of vitamins that I take teach day. Does anyone have tips or a schedule that could share? Thanks

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