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9/29/11 1:54 P

I like gunpowder and jasmine green teas a lot.

You should try white teas as well. White teas may be even healthier than green since they are less processed. The highest grade of white tea is Bai Hao Yinzhen or Silver Needle white tea. White tea is expensive but one of the nice things about white tea is you can get multiple infusions from the same tea. A second somewhat longer infusion still makes a nice cup of tea and you can even do a 3rd infusion.

9/29/11 1:50 P

A friend of the family had this amazing tea - Pomegranate Pizzazz. I am addicted now! Plus it is caffeine free!

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
9/29/11 1:22 P

green tea with honey amazing

KRISTIJ3 Posts: 841
9/29/11 11:18 A

We love hochica, pu-erh, jasmine tea, and oolong. Hochicha is a smoked green tea but it is really tasty. Pu-erh is more of an earthy flavour but it is nice after a big meal.

Another one is genmaicha, it is a roasted green tea with roasted rice mixed into it. It is very very good, my favourite actually.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
9/29/11 10:48 A

I don't remember the brand but there is one out there that is Earl Grey made from green tea. You would never know that it doesn't have black tea in it! There is also one called Lady Grey that is tasty. My favorite tea, especially for this time of year though is Constant Comment.

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9/29/11 9:14 A

ummmm Whats the name and brand sounds good and I love hot tea I usually shop adagio teas you can mix your own flavors and see if anyone else likes them I guess if they buy it you get points unfortunately I have only created on I think it is called Christmas memories and I am the only one who buys it LOL but it is fun and you can design your own labels,

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9/29/11 9:03 A


AHURD80 Posts: 2,665
9/29/11 8:47 A

My fave is Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh Tea!

3/31/11 11:17 A

omg i found this amazing tea!!! its rasperry...but...its PRE-sweetened!!! granted, i still add more sweetener...but it uses stevia instead of artificial sweeteners...which is pretty cool.

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3/31/11 11:06 A

Harney and Sons Earl Grey is my favorite. Also like Camomile and Orange Spice.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
3/31/11 10:52 A

If you're ever in an Asian country, like Malaysia, go to a chinese tea shop and you can buy lot's of different kinds of loose leaf chinese tea.

A bit pricey for the better ones though.

LILEE2K Posts: 105
3/23/11 4:50 P

Chai spice from Stash. With sugar and milk.(also makes a good freshener for your vacuum cleaner bag....)

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3/23/11 4:27 P

I like this tea that I get at Barnes N's Hot Cinnamon Spice and tastes like a red hot...yummy!

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3/23/11 3:44 P

I love chai tea!

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3/23/11 3:30 P

Mmmm I love tea! My favorite is the Dragon Eye Oolong Tea from =)

3/23/11 3:21 P

If you're in Canada -- President's Choice Chocolatey Chai. Loves it!!! It's got the flavour of chocolate without the fat. And really good if you make it with skim milk.

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3/23/11 3:07 P

Oh my you must go to this sight for tea ..... I bought some delicious breakfasts teas there. ENJOY

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3/23/11 3:07 P

Does the OP like dark mature teas like English breakfast ? or does the OP prefer younger herbal green teas ?

Personally, I love dark dark mature teas like English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast or Ceylon, Darjeeling. Ceylon teas are marvelous, dark, rich. But, I do like a nice herbal tea too. Some times I drink peppermint tea. Other days I like chamomile. Chamomile is very soothing. How about a spice tea ? Celestial Seasonings makes a marvelous spiced tea with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, ginger, etc... yum.

Of course, you could also try Republic of Tea blends. They're a little pricey, but worth the extra $$$s if you like interesting blends.

You could also try Chinese teas like Oolong. Something a little more obscure to westerners is Chrysanthimum tea. It's a tea made from chrysanthimum flowers.

Yes, I drink a lot of tea !!


3/23/11 2:15 P

Don't forget you can make your own tea "blends". My current favorite for my iced tea maker is 3 green tea bags, one oolong, and 2 raspberry ones. I sometimes switch from raspberry to apple cinnamon in the winter months.

While I like hot tea occasionally, I drink gallons of iced/cold tea. I have gone through one of the automotic tea maker machines already and am using my second one just as frequently.

BTW, I used to hate tea. Until I finally tasted some that was unsweetened. Which I absolutely love. But I still hate sweet tea and will do without rather than drink it, regardless of whether it is sweetened with honey, turbinado sugar, white sugar, or artificial sweeteners. A strange but dietarily convenient habit!

KATHAKU Posts: 1,156
3/23/11 2:07 P

I would suggest going to a local farmers market and looking at the teas they have there's a blend at mine called yoga, and it is amazing, but you'd have to check where you are what kind of blends they've hand made. Good luck, some very interesting stuff there!

3/23/11 1:55 P

I went to Disney last year and got a whole lot from the park "china" sad to say its all gone and everything else that I have tried is weak and I use 2 to 4 bags at a time.

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3/23/11 12:14 P

I love silver needle white tea (Bai Hao Yinzhen) but it is rather expensive. Since white tea is even less processed than green it may even be healthier. Other than teas I enjoy gunpower green and jasmine infused green tea. I like almost any Chinese green or white tea but not a fan of Japanese green tea. I'll drink it when eating at a Japanese restaurant but I don't buy it for myself.

3/23/11 9:31 A

I like Lemon Zinger...Nutcracker Sweet...hmmm there are so many!

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3/23/11 9:30 A

I don't like the fruit flavoured teas because they're too sweet for me, but I've discovered Red Rooibos tea, from Africa, which i enjoy.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
3/23/11 9:19 A

My favorite is Lady Grey

BILL60 Posts: 952,836
3/23/11 6:56 A

None from me. I don't like hot tea.

MARCIAS22 Posts: 6,594
3/22/11 10:35 P

Thanks to everyone that responded to my question about teas. I really appreciate it and have come away with a lot of good suggestions. Looking forward to trying all the new flavors. Thanks again!

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JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
3/19/11 4:38 P

Good Earth- Sweet & spice
Stash- spicy chai

NOMOMOO Posts: 540
3/19/11 4:35 P

Bigelow Peppermint is one of my fav's right now.

TACONES Posts: 4,713
3/19/11 4:26 P

oolong tea

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3/19/11 4:21 P

I've been drinking matcha green tea- supposedly it has more antioxidants

RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
3/19/11 2:38 P

My favorite is Good Earth

CIVIAV SparkPoints: (66,367)
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3/19/11 1:01 P

Jasmine dragon pearls

JDBD17 SparkPoints: (24,539)
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3/19/11 12:01 P

My faves right now are Bigelow Vanilla Chai, Celestial Seasonings Ceylon Apricot Ginger, and China Mist Orange Blossom Ginger White.

I associate the Vanilla Chai as a tea for colder weather (don't know why,) so I'll probably drop that for a while. I also go through Raspberry tea phases from time to time.

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3/19/11 10:42 A

I love fruit teas. Lemon, raspberry, strawberry. And peppermint and ginger are always refreshing.

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3/19/11 10:13 A

I drink tea EVERYDAY and at work up to 3 times a day. I LOVE ginger, peppermint, chamomile, and even regular

AMBERLEIGHM1 Posts: 1,515
3/19/11 10:11 A

I love vanilla chai tea. I haven't tried a brand I didn't like yet.

FLYME2MOON Posts: 1,420
3/19/11 7:40 A

tazo honeybush

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3/19/11 6:43 A

I drink herbal and decaf teas, and I like the Bigelow orange spice, and the apple cider, and gingersnap. I just bought some of the peach tea to try next.

ECONLADY Posts: 6,040
3/19/11 3:29 A

Check out Mighty Leaf Tea. Besides being delicious, they organic and the bag is recyclable in the compost pile. My favorite is ginger. It's mild and tasty. You can buy them online, but they are expensive.

HOTPINKCAMARO49 Posts: 21,046
3/19/11 3:15 A

emoticon Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Tea. YUM! And LOTS of antioxidants! The darker the tea the better.

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3/19/11 2:34 A

Green & oolong tea are my favorites.

SUITABLE Posts: 5,959
3/19/11 1:42 A

Yogi Tea

3/19/11 1:30 A

I love jasmine tea... I drink it plain.. it has a lovely flowery taste

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3/19/11 12:56 A

Tazo makes several kinds of green teas ... I just remember that green tea in the darker green package I like more than the green tea in the lighter green paqckage. I don't worry about caffiene when I'm going for green teas.

And just for reference, most Art of Tea's teas (sounds funny!) are loose teas.

(Of course, you can make any tea "loose tea" by removing them from the teabag and treating like any other loose tea.)

_UMAMI_ Posts: 6,864
3/19/11 12:40 A

I love tea. I prefer loose tea, but it's gotten harder to find, or is too pricey. But I would splurge on Darjeeling or Assam tea.

I had a bagged green tea, that I think was by Tazo, at a hotel, and it tasted really yummy, but maybe that was only because I was on vacation! At home, it's Earl Grey w/ sweetener and milk, Tazo Awake, or iced tea, 'cos I'm a Southern Girl.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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3/19/11 12:16 A

Love Tazo Calm, especially with honey.

Art of Tea's Chocolate Monkey is amazing, WOW!! Cacao nibs, dehydrated bananas, rubios tea, pink peppercorns ... the taste is INCREDIBLE.

Love Yerba Mate, though that is caffinated. Love mint, but don't love the mint yerba mate.

Otherwise, I do love green teas (have had really unique green teas from Asia which have been marvelous - can't give you a brand as I can't read the label).

I also like mint tea, peppermint tea, chammomile tea.

And I do make my own ginger tea when I have nausea or an upset stomach - works way better than OTC products. A little hot and sharp for ordinary drinking though.

I also like Yogi's Bedtime tea, which is like, um, is it Celestial Seasonings? Sleepytime tea, but way better.

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3/18/11 10:47 P

I don't drink tea but my mom loves a orangey/spicy tea called Constant Comment.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,414
3/18/11 10:45 P

Current favorites:
Russian Caravan
Prince of Wales
Sun, Moon & Stars
Hai Lang Yunnan Gold

All black teas that I drink with nothing added.

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MARCIAS22 Posts: 6,594
3/18/11 10:41 P

I've been trying to drink more tea lately. I know that green tea is very healthy and good for you but haven't gotten into the habit of drinking it straight quite yet. I drink Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Tazo Zen and Irish Breakfast. I would love to know some of your favorite flavors and brands.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Have a great weekend!

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