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9/12/13 3:41 P

I do kickboxing, or shadow boxing if I don't feel like using a bag. Coach Nicole did a very good 10 minute video on it. If you have access to a pool, swimming is a great exercise, I use a local City indoor pool.

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9/12/13 8:35 A

C25k is a good transition into running, and so are tabata (or HIIT-high intensity interval training) workouts. I love the short workouts that get me the most bang for my buck.

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9/12/13 4:31 A

If you're serious about trying running (not that it's the only way to challenge yourself), then try the Couch 2 5K programme.

Here's the programme's website:

And here are audio podcasts for each of the sessions:

SML4JC Posts: 27
9/12/13 1:30 A

You may want to try some high intensity interval training like tabata. It's a good way to mix things up. You can do it anywhere and it is quick and a calorie torcher.

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9/12/13 12:34 A

Have you checked out the videos on this site? I love the 10 minute cardio videos by Coach Nicole. They're easy to follow and challenging. If 10 minutes isn't enough, you can repeat it or try another one.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
9/11/13 8:23 P

Sometimes it is just walking in a different direction -- reverse!

9/11/13 7:50 P

I'm 10 pounds from my goal weight and I'm bored with my workout that I've been doing. I was told to try and start jogging as that would help change things up but I've never done it before so I'm not sure how or where to start. Do any of you have any suggestions for changing things up?

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