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7/1/14 4:07 P

I run and wear Reebok ZigZags. I find them very comfortable. I've had them for 1.5 years. I will be buying a new pair soon.

7/1/14 3:51 P


While I accept your anecdotal experience if you read the article there is no research evidence to support the use of "corrective" shoes. In my experience as both a track and a road running coach most lower extremity problems are cased by faulty running mechanics i.e overt striding and landing with a heel strike instead of a proper forefoot strike. If your centre of mass is behind your foot strike then your knee is locked and you sent a shock wave all the way up the leg to the hip joint. Have someone actually watch and evaluate your running mechanics on the surface on which you normally run and not on some treadmill in a store.

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7/1/14 2:27 P

newtons for me because I run on the ball of my feet. I highly recommend Road Runners foot store. It has educated staff to help out with shoe fittings.

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7/1/14 2:20 P

@smajor, I tried non-overpronation shoes. I had bad back problems, knee problems and serious problems with my feet. It was incredibly painful to walk even a few miles. I had know about my overpronation when I suffered planter fasciitis years ago but it ignored it.

I would not go without a foot evaluation. It is only an office co-pay or a visit to a store for a proper fitting.

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7/1/14 1:54 P

If your nearest town is big enough for a store that carries multiple brands of shoes, it's probably big enough for a runners' shoe store. Ask around-- there very well might be one that just doesn't advertise much. If you get fitted just once, you'll know what to look for. It was a revelation for me; I wear an extra-wide width in street shoes, but my first professionally-fitted running shoes were AAA narrow! The fitter brought them to me and said, "Do NOT look at the size label until after you've tried them. You'll think I'm crazy, but try them first."

If you can't get fitted, next best option is to find an online source that doesn't charge shipping and try on everything you can think of. Finding the right running shoes is like falling in love-- sometimes it's the last one you ever would have guessed.

7/1/14 11:40 A

I recently posted on the forum here a newspaper article on how to get running shoes without all the hype. Bottom line according to the research is get shoes which are comfortable. The hype about over pronation, under pronation and whatever being corrected by a certain shoe is not borne out by the research on the topic. Here is my forum post with the hyperlink to the article.

A research study in England found that cheaper less engineered shoes caused fewer running injuries and foot problems.

I can provide the citation for the above on request

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7/1/14 10:14 A

If you're ever out and about, definitely stop in a running store. They are so awesome. (Fleet Feet is anyway).

You can always try the shoe finder from runners world:

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7/1/14 10:00 A

I am currently wearing Asics gel cumulus 15 and really like them.

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7/1/14 8:54 A

Thanks for the feed back.

I can see where you're coming from with going to a podiatrist, but I don't run enough (YET) to justify the cost. Also,I live in a rural area and don't have access to a specialty running store. In the past I've purchase a few different shoes from amazon, tried them on, then returned the ones I don't like. I'm planning on spending $50-100.

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6/30/14 3:57 P

I third getting fitted and seeing a podiatrist. You need to know if you have neutral pronation, overpronation, and underpronation or supination. It will really make a difference in comfort and performance.

I overpronate so I find the Nike Lunarglides 4+ fit perfect. Yet, Lunarglides 2 and 4+ are quite different. It took my feet a bit of adjusting when transitioning between the shoes.

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6/30/14 2:50 P

I've worn many different brands and I like the Asics running shoes with gel insole the best. Nike also has a gel insole which I like and have worn. I like the extra cushioning from a gel insole as my knees give me grief when I run on hard surfaces.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,839
6/30/14 12:41 P

I second ARCHIMEDESII - go discuss what your needs are at a specialty store. May be more money, but has been so worth it for me. I love the way a well known brand feels on my foot, but they aren't good shoes for me to run in, and I have some healing black toes to prove it (one nail was almost lost but I managed to save it). Different shoe also has helped with an old knee injury protesting when I run. You may consider buying a half size up as well to prevent rubbing.

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6/30/14 12:13 P

You should definitely go to a reputable running or sports store to be fitted for a proper pair of shoe. One size does not fit all. Because everyone's feet can be very different, you're going to find that there are a variety of different shoes to accommodate all those feet.

I like Asics because they have a wide width. If you have narrow feet, Asics might not be good for you. I've also worn NIKE, Reebok, New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, etc. Not only is there variation between shoe brands, there is variation within the brand too.

That's why it's important to try on a variety of different shoes to see which best suits your needs. Because what works for me might not work for you.

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6/30/14 11:10 A

Summer is finally here and I'm ready to start running again. However, my old shoes have seen better days. What's your favorite brand of running shoes?

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