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2/29/12 5:12 P

Thank you all so much for your advice. I try not to use any sweetener but sometimes I just cant help myself. I use it usually in oatmeal but very little and in my tea everything else taste fine to me without sugar. I guess its just a matter of patience and time to get over having sugar all the time.

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2/25/12 2:58 P

Sugar is natural-from a plant and not created in a Lab..I prefer natural over artificial.

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2/25/12 12:43 P

Artificial sweeteners of all kinds make me retain water, and make me crave sugary foods even more. I steer clear of them.

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2/24/12 10:39 A

Sugar substitutes are bad because they are made with chemicals. Sugar is real . There is a product on the market called Stevia. That is sugar made from the stevia plant.
I never tried it . I use real sugar but just not a lot of it in my tea.

Sweet n Low, Sugar Twin, Splenda etc etc are all sugar flavored chemicals. Stay away !!

HMKITTEN Posts: 458
2/23/12 10:58 P

Well, I am no dietician or doctor. All the sugar substitutes on the market have been approved as "generally safe" by the FDA when not taken in truckloads (like what they dose rats with).

Having said that, I tend to stay away from most of the substitutes because I get migraines from them (other than stevia derivatives), and digestive upset from most of them as well. That is not to say that you would have any problems with them.

Some substitutes work better for baking than others--some break down with only a little heating. If you like Sweet n' Low, than there shouldn't be a problem with you continuing it.

One thing I noticed with myself, and I am not sure if others noticed this as well, is that I tend to crave sweets the more that I have them. Sugar substitutes tend to compound this for me, so the more I have, the more I want. We also tend to sweeten things that are not nutritionally good for us--more filler than nutrition. Look at where you are using the sweetener and see if you could be putting those calories in better places.

Good luck, and if in doubt, try going without the substitutes for a week or two and see how you feel. That may be your best bet to see how it affects you!

2/23/12 7:11 P

Are sugar substitutes alright to use or should i just use less of the real thing? I like sweet in low and use it regularly. Could this affect my weight loss goals? I'm still really confused about so many things i did not realize how little i actually know about living healthy. Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.

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