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Thank u. Your advice is much appreciated. I have made huge leaps toward cutting out the sugar but I am not there yet. at the very least I am using either one teaspoon of sugar or a 1/2 tsp of sweetener in my coffee these days. And I am only drinking one cup of coffee each morning now. I has been about a solid week since I began my endeavors toward weight loss. I have a while to go but I know I can do it. Especially with great advice like yours.

Appreciate it!


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This is question that is more complicated to answer than you would think. Basically, you need to try artificial sweeteners and decide for yourself. Also, I would never recommend using that much sugar OR artificial sweetener in just the morning!

I have found that cutting out the sweets in general (and often the starches like rice, potatoes and bread) has been very good for me. You could try slowly weaning yourself off most of the sweets by switching to sugarless coffee, fruit in your oatmeal...that sort of thing. Definitely at least try cutting down on the liquid sugar to a minimum. You may also find that certain artificial sweeteners are yummy while others are gross. Try a few.

Basically, the ideal would be no sweetener. But, the next best thing is less sweetener. Some people do not react well to artificial sweeteners and end up eating MORE calories. Others do really well on artificial sweeteners.

Two years after starting to improve my nutrition, it is my sweet tooth that still causes problems. Much smaller problems than before, but they are still there. For me, artificial sweeteners are helpful in limiting the damage!

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I have a terrible problem with sugar. For breakfast I would be easily able to use 8 or 9 tbs of sugar. Between coffee, oatmeal and whatever else I can easily use 2-3 tbs in one cup of coffee and I had been drinking 3-4 cups of coffee before 8 am.
Well my question is using an artificial sweetener better for my weight loss goal than just cutting back on the sugar?
I have managed to cut a great deal of sugar out of my diet and mark that as a HUGE accomplishment but I am curious about the sweetener vs. sugar debate.

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