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3/28/13 8:42 A

I am really excited to get started I have been trying this week to really watch what I was eating and paying attention to what my body was telling me and I think this is really going to help me out. Thanks so much to all of you for your suggestions and support keep in touch I will let you know how this works out for me
Cindi Sue

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
3/28/13 8:08 A

I am recently gluten free (two months) and low sugar, and I also feel great! The first thing I noticed in the early weeks was that my stomach bloating was reduced. My skin is better, and a whole host of other things feel better.

It was an easy transition for me because I was eating clean all along anyway, so I didn't eat much for baked goods. I don't eat processed "gluten free" products, so I don't feel overwhelmed at the supermarket. My dinners mainly consist of beans, rice, quinoa, chicken/turkey/fish, and veggies. I occasionally have a brown rice pasta. Fruits and nuts are my snacks. My breakfasts are typically a greek yogurt and some chia or flax. Lunches are always leafy greens, beans, and a protein.

Eating and ordering out can be challenging, but most restaurants are accomodating. I picked up some menus from our local favorites to see what my options were. I'm never afraid to ask a server to be diligent about what is put on my plate, because I have food allergies as well.

I love eating this way, and I never felt better. Good luck!

3/28/13 8:01 A

Sounds like a really healthy way to eat Laurie! You can't go wrong eating real whole foods. emoticon

3/28/13 12:04 A

I am eating gluten free and sugar free (very little processed sugar). I have found that my appetite and hunger are so much easier to control! I eat to satisfy my hunger, and it is totally doable! And, when I am hungry, I am much more capable of being reasonable about it, like if I'm out running errands, I don't find myself all shaky and hungry and so desperate that I end up getting fast food. I can just wait until I get home, or go to the grocery store and buy a banana.

The other things that have improved is that my chronic diarhea is gone (sorry for the TMI, but this is a big deal for me!). And, my chronic heartburn is gone. Both of those problems were getting intolerable. I knew that gluten free would cure those because I was eating low carb for a while, and those problems went away. Then I quit low carb and the problems returned, lol.

(Of course, I started eating anything and everything and gained all of my weight back plus some.)

When I say I'm eating gluten free, I think it is important to say that I'm not eating gluten free substitutes. I'm just not eating foods with gluten in them. If I lose enough weight, I eventually might try making almond flour and coconut flour treats. But, now, I'm keeping it simple. Real food, cooked at home. Mostly meats, eggs, veggies & fruits, starches (such as rice or potatoes), dairy, and good quality fats.

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
3/26/13 7:36 A

Having been pre-diabetic I learned that sugar alcohols can raise blood sugar ( products labeled sugar free) and made me crave more foods. Instead I ate no sugar added products minimally and stayed away from anything that ends in itol and ose.

Speak with your physician what is the best for you.

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3/26/13 6:45 A

thank you all for the good ideas and for your experiences I downloaded a couple of books on the subject and it doesn't sound quite as overwhelming as I thought feeling better about doing this, now to get started!
Cindi Sue

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
3/26/13 12:23 A

I am gluten free and low-sugar. It has really helped my chronic illness and immune system. It's way easier to keep weight off or lose too. I find that eating a ton of produce and whole foods really makes a difference, then there is less room for GF/Sugar-less packaged or precessed foods. (I do eat these, I just try and not have them the main portion of what I eat) It's more about what you do eat than what you cut out, I've found. But getting off gluten has definitely been key for me. The sugar, I just try and keep natural and/or stay low on indulgences.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/25/13 5:42 P

I don't do added sugar or gluten. I have never felt better. I love my fruit and veggies. Udi's makes some really good options. I see them also in my normal grocery store so you can check them out.

3/25/13 5:06 P

If you want to go gluten-free, I would suggest that you obtain several cookbooks on the topic to assure that you are meeting your nutritional needs with other grain substitutions.

As far as going "sugar-free", I assume you are talking about the added sugar in foods such as pies, cookies, candy, pop, etc. You would not want to give up foods that have natural sugar like fruit, yogurt, milk, etc. The link below will take you to a great article on this topic with a 4 week plan to cut out sugar..

I also wanted to add some clarity to a statement in this thread. Someone who has diabetes does "not" have to omit all foods that contain gluten for diabetes management. Someone with diabetes needs to track their carbohydate intake at meals and snacks for blood sugar control.

Dietitian Becky

CINDISUEK SparkPoints: (21,849)
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3/25/13 4:57 P

That is another thing I am trying to avoid my family history with diabetes is huge it would be easier to tell you the people that don't have it in my family than the people that do. I am very interested to try this!
Cindi Sue

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
3/25/13 4:48 P

I give a thumbs-up ... though I used to love eating gluten products.

But being diabetic now, I avoid gluten nearly entirely.

Because I want to manage this disease.

CINDISUEK SparkPoints: (21,849)
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3/25/13 3:33 P

Thank you for your experience I have been thinking about this for awhile and it seems so overwhelming to get started so much to learn. I willing to give it a try.
Thanks again
Cindi Sue

3/25/13 3:00 P

If you do a gluten free, sugar free diet right it should only positively affect your health concerns. When you substitute gluten containing foods with whole vegetables and fruits it is a very healthy way to eat. Substituting gluten containing foods with gluten free desserts and high glycemic breads is not a healthy way to eat.

Less added sugar in the diet is always a good thing.

I eat a gluten free diet and only eat a small amount of added sugars. I have never been diagnosed with celiac but I do know enough to listen to my body. I feel amazing. My health issues have been resolved eating this way and my hypoglycemia is gone.

The best to you.

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CINDISUEK SparkPoints: (21,849)
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3/25/13 2:15 P

I am interested in a sugar free and gluten free diet. I have never been diagnosed but I know several people who gone to eating this way and feel alot better and I was hoping that it would make me feel better too. I have high blood pressure and am hypothyroid would eating this way have any bad consequences? Thank you in advanced for any advice.
Cindi Sue

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