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2/25/13 10:05 P

My pre-run fuel is a banana, after is a mix of carbs and protein. I don't know about the gummy bears...I'd go for fruit instead.

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2/25/13 9:50 P

"My poorly misguided friends and I are low-carb eaters, so we tend not to run down when exercising due to having bodies that are conditioned to use fat for energy."


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2/25/13 12:17 P

I am a big fan of avoiding sugar, even when exercising for extended times. If you must, then I might suggest chocolate milk. It is a nice mix of fat-protein-carbs in a liquid form that will digest quickly. Alternatively, some sort of protein shake might be good, too.

My poorly misguided friends and I are low-carb eaters, so we tend not to run down when exercising due to having bodies that are conditioned to use fat for energy. So, I tend to just eat normally on heavy-workout days but with just more of the same healthy foods like meat, cheese, nuts, veggies... When I first started avoiding simple carbs, I definitely found that chocolate milk (suggested by Becky, I think) helped a lot, but I learned that I didn't need to drink very much to have an effect...maybe only 4 oz.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
2/25/13 11:52 A

How much exertion is involved? Honestly, when I have a hard workout (like 3+ hour runs for marathon training), once I am done I would reach for something with more heft to it than gummy bears. I can't see when I would need a sugar boost like that after a strenuous workout. Full disclosure - I love gummy bears, have an open bag at home right now, but I can't see using them as a re-fuel.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
2/25/13 8:38 A

Eat oatmeal before a work out with slivered almonds or walnuts....
Oatmeal, the old fashioned type provides energy because of the B vitamins.

Also eating low carb ...Having good insulin sensitivity means that the body can more easily take sugar from the bloodstream, allowing muscles to use it for fuel so maybe balance your pre workout meal with a protein and a carbohydrate..0% Fage Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries, Eggs or egg whites on rye toast.....

Carbs after a workout ..Researchers from the University of Michigan discovered that what you eat following a workout may trigger different metabolic responses... bouts of exercise all improved insulin sensitivity, but it was especially enhanced when the session included the low-carb meal.

Protein helps repair & rebuild muscles especially when eating 1/2 hour after exercise. Brown Rice cereal provides and replenishes depleted glycogen.. After a workout half some dark chocolate which will bring more oxygen to replenish any muscle sorness.

Apples, Eggs, blueberries, strawberries and avocados are energy boosters too.

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2/24/13 9:36 P

I would go with fruits if needed; they will provide sugars and antioxidants, plus fiber to keep your bg levels steady. I would address your preworkout diet and exercise regimen as well to ensure you don't experience crashes.

2/24/13 8:13 P

First, I have no problem with a sugary treat...
But the real issue is your diet (meals and snacks) before and after you are working out. If you are experiencing this symptom daily---then you are not eating properly.

I suggest you do an article search on our Sparkpeople site for these 2 articles which will explain what you should be eating.

What To Eat Before Working Out
What To Eat After Working Out

Hope this helps
Dietitian Becky

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2/24/13 6:46 P

I prefer to have some protein before exercise to keep my energy level up. Sugar gives a temporary lift and then there's the crash which can cause fatigue and make you tired.

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2/24/13 6:13 P

Is it ok to use fat free sugary foods to get your energy back after a lot of exertion? You know how when you exercise or run to a point that later you are exhausted and get that sleepy almost lightheaded feeling....I have a friend that uses gummy bears for this. Not a lot and not all the time, but I was just wondering if any others knew about practices like this. It seems to go against the grain of what we try to stick to when it comes to nutrition, but the argument is that sugar is where we get our energy from so if you have depleted yourself to a certain point, is it ok to get some fast energy back with sugar?

Note- I am not condoning this as a practice for people to make an excuse to eat crap because they just exercised. I am asking about low calorie fat free stuff like fruit snacks, and not a lot, and not all the time...just as an energy boost. Are the sugars in those like high fructose corn syrup the same sugars as in fruit, right? I dunno, maybe my friend is totally wrong in doing the whole gummy bear thing....what do you all think?

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