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GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
4/9/14 12:36 P

Watch out for emotional comfort food cravings. They are not necessarily physical cravings but your brain looking for comfort. In my experience they come when I crave comfort such as having a bad day, over tired etc. You brain tells you that you need that sugar that you gave up.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,297
4/9/14 7:42 A

When blood sugar drops, even in normal people, you will crave foods that will increase blood sugar for a quick fix. A sugary or diet soft drink can do this, as well as, crackers, pasta, bread...those carbs will do it.

Instead of ice cream maybe try Artic Zero ..the chocolate and coffee flavors are very good and you can eat the whole pint for 150 calories...its an ice cream alternative...

Berries have the least impact on blood sugar and are so very low in calories....any kind of berries

Your energy levels should increase without the sugar.....

Maybe read this book Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.,, author of Lick The Sugar Habit she also has info on u tube

If you consider sugar as poison, maybe you will start losing weight faster and become a healthier person...

I learned Sugar can damage the pancreas, the heart, the kidney. Sugar promotes excessive food intake....French Fries have hidden sugar to make them more tasty.
Sugar raises blood pressure. Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides. Sugar can raise triglycerides and cholesterol, cause some cancers and feed yeast infections. Sugar can produce an acidic digestive tract and more.

Processed sugar is not necessary at all in anyone's daily diet. It should be avoided. Our bodies get enough carbs from ordinary foods which converts raw carbs to sugars as needed.

Well good luck

WEWRTFO Posts: 192
4/9/14 7:27 A

I have been over 14 weeks without sugar except from fruits and gets easier every day. I don't crave or miss sweets but find myself occasionally wanting a taste of chocolate. So I compromised just a little by adding 85% intense dark chocolate occasionally which is healthy, contains very little sugar. I also consume a little sugar sometimes from salad dressings, ketchup or BBQ sauce. As long as I am 98% free of sugar outside of fruits and vegetables it does not affect my hunger issues.

In response to Disfordragons cravings for sugar issues I am suspecting some artificial sweeteners are possibly being consumed? It was not until I eliminated all the artificial sweeteners also when I noticed all the hunger issues, cravings stopped. Artificial sweeteners I consumed in yogurt, sugar free foods effects me worse than sugar itself. I failed miserably when I went no sugar expect from fruit with artificial sweeteners from crystal light mix, propel water, diet soda, and food.

No sugar and AS for the first time these past 14 weeks has allowed my taste buds to change, my eating habits change and loosing weight is effortlessly. Not one single hunger issue, craving for sweet for over 14 weeks.

DISFORDRAGONS SparkPoints: (137)
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4/8/14 7:46 P

Today is the 14th day since I stopped eating processed sugars (I still eat fruit). I've been fine so far and I've even noticed that my overall binge eating and appetite have decreased. I expected it to be smooth sailing once I got past week 1. Maybe I'm just complacent, but today I craved sugar like I have never craved it before. While talking to my patients, I just kept thinking "there's chewy Spree in the vending machine" "I can get ice cream after work" etc. And it just drove me mad. I gave in, sort of. Instead of having 2 clementines, I had 4 and I definitely ate a little more than I have been, trying to fill the void. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better, but I feel discouraged... I thought I was breaking the hold, but today was unbearable.

DOROTHYHIGGIN SparkPoints: (172)
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3/4/14 1:49 A

Eat fresh and dried fruit instead of sugary sweets – Although they are filled with natural sugar, they are a healthier choice as fruit is filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is okay at first to eat a bigger quantity of them while weaning. Know more here

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1/9/14 1:16 P

Thank you all so much for your messages!

I still can't imagine life without sugar, not really. My hope is that after a while (month?) without sugar I can try and have candy from time to time without overeating to the point where I hate myself for it.

Then again, after what you've written, that may not be the best idea ... Oh man.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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1/9/14 12:53 P

Yay. Way to go!
I personally felt the most change when I eliminated all forms of sugar and flour.

GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
1/9/14 12:42 P

In my experience the strongest sugar cravings occur within three days as stated above. After that I still usually have mental and physical cravings for up to three weeks. After that I am usually safe.

Keep at it is is worth it after you get past it. After you get past it though don't ever let it back in to your life because I find it doubly hard to get back to abstinent after a relapse.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/9/14 12:39 P

it took me about three days to get over the main withdrawal. Boy, was i nasty. I had a headache, stomach cramps, cravings out the ying yang. About day 4 or 5 it started getting easier. By the second week, i didn't even want to look at a piece of candy or cake.

but it will depend on your body and how it reacts. I would say you should start feeling better soon.

You took away your body's energy source. It will be fighting you some. It will just have to start looking at the fat and using that for energy instead.

your body does not understand why you took away its energy source. Now you are teaching the same body that it can feel better and get better energy from low sugar to no sugar foods.

Give your body time. Just DON'T GIVE UP.

ANKESC SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/14 9:57 A

I have stopped eating sugar, this is my fourth day without. How long do you think will it take until I start to feel positive effects (other than being happy with myself)?
I want to make sure that I don't give up before I've had a chance to feel the positive effects.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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