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1/15/13 7:10 P

woohoo keep it up!

BLINGYCHICK SparkPoints: (892)
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1/15/13 4:43 P

Thanks ladies, it is nice to know that I am not the only one (though I doubted I was lol ) whol has to deal with these things. In the past I can say that I always let it get to me but its so nice to feel in control of me again.

1/15/13 4:30 P

Good job! I've always been amazed how upset some people get when I politely decline their food pushing. Sounds like you handled the situation perfectly!

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1/15/13 4:10 P


IGSBETH SparkPoints: (187,767)
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1/15/13 11:30 A

Way to go!

BLINGYCHICK SparkPoints: (892)
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1/15/13 11:29 A

That is what I think too. Its a life change not a diet. I know exactly how my body reacts to specific foods. I feel like some people see what you are doing as a reflection on them and if you tell them no it is a challenge to get you to cave in. It always blows my mind when people will say oh its only one night or that what you are doing sure does not sound healthy. So I have decided that I don't tell anyone what I am doing other than that I have cut out sugar and processed foods. That cover alot and then if they start to poke around I change the subject to them and that seems to work. At least so far lol

KYLIAK Posts: 253
1/15/13 10:40 A

i agree you have to know your body and what work for you. I get people telling me you can have one day off your diet and i have to tell them its not a diet its not a fad its not something i'm doing right now i'm looking for life long change and that means no i'm sorry but i am not up for a trip to mcheatattack or ice cream i'm sorry.

BLINGYCHICK SparkPoints: (892)
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1/15/13 10:33 A

Thanks ladies for your support. I am for sure not going to be derailed this time. I have allowed it to happen to many time. Never ever again! I deserve to be healthy and no one is going to stop me from my goal.

AZURELITE Posts: 1,407
1/15/13 7:28 A

Sounds like you're on the right track & nothing is gonna derail you!
Way to go!

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1/14/13 11:08 P

Way to go for sticking to what is working for you!
Sounds like your co-worker was trying to be helpful, which was nice.
You can always say you just don't care for honey....

Good for you for staying positive!

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1/14/13 2:42 P

I am feeling so good today about where I am on this journey. Since starting back low carb on 12/30/12 I have lost 8lbs as of this morning. I am doing some carb cycling and am loving what is happening with my body. The pants are getting too big and the inches are coming off. Why does it seem that when those things begin to happen you get the Sugar Pushers coming around. My cowoker whom I love starts talking about honey and how good it is for you and that she was going to bring a bunch to work that we,meaning her and myself could put it in our tea. I reminded her in a very nice way that I am off of sugar. So she begins to tell me that since honey is a natural sugar that it is okay. My comment was, that my body does not not the difference between natural and processed sugar. That made her quite right away. I was actually surprised and grateful at the same time. I feel as though there is always someone lurking around the corner waiting to sabotage me. However I did not start this to let one person or even 100 get me off on the wrong track. So when someone tells you that how you are eating is not healthy I would just say " well what I was doing before was not working and I sure was not healthy and now I feel amazing and am loosing weight so who are you to say what is best for me and my body".

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