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I know this topic is a month old but I just joined SP and decided to see if there were any sugar buster topics. My recent blood work indicated "pre-diabetic" and cholesterol not where it should be. My dr told me to lose weight, which I've lost 30 lbs since March 2012 including about 10 this year. of course, the dr just gives the news and I was left wondering what to do. I'm on a weight loss program. I exercise about 300 min. a week. Seemingly, I'm doing the right things but the blood work numbers are not good. I want to change things so I'm looking for ideas what to change. I thought Sugar Busters looks like a good guideline, although, I'm just in the beginning chapters of the book. My friend has talked about this book for years.
Anyway, I think there could be something to the insulin-cholesterol connection. I've heard Drs on TV speaking about sugar being a significant factor in the problem with cholesterol. I'm waiting for the cookbooks to arrive and meanwhile reading the updated version of the book, trying to get ideas what I should and shouldn't eat.
Anyone else reading the book?

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6/17/13 1:01 P

Personally i have not done this diet(one of the few I have not tried). I very much agree that sugar is toxic though. Since reading a book called Fat Chance by Robert Lustig (he makes the same argument convincingly) I have been trying to eat very much like what they have devised in the diet. I have had great success myself by trying to avoid refined sugar. I have personally found though that eliminating so many veggies with high sugar is a bridge too far for me. Corn, carrots and others are high in sugar but also have some fiber to somewhat mitigate their sins.
Any diet has to find the balance of eating healthy without making eating a drudgery. We all need to find that balance as well.

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6/17/13 7:44 A

Sugar Busters was really popular where I grew up, so it seemed like everyone was doing it for a while, just like 10 years later when "everyone" was doing the South Beach Diet. It does seems to be pretty similar to South Beach in what you can eat and it is a low-moderate glycemic index diet. There are a few books of recipes written or sponsored by the Brennans (owners of a series of NOLA restaunts) but I have not tried many of the recipes.

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6/17/13 6:50 A

I haven't used that particular plan, but I did the 21-Day Sugar Detox once. I believe I need to do it again, as I've slipped back into the habit of grabbing fruit over veggies, and could use a kick in the pants again.

However, I believe I need to wait until my son (who is arriving for a visit this coming weekend) leaves, so I can focus on the sugar-free menu, and not just cooking things to please him.

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6/16/13 9:07 P

I have not used it, I am always looking for ways to keep my blood sugar balanced (from spiking too low - when I forget to eat every few hours). I will read the pros and cons. Thank you.

6/16/13 8:57 P

What is your doctor wanting for you? Weight loss? Better blood sugar control??

The book is not the worst diet every, but there are some issues with it too. This is a good review that explains the pros and cons.

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6/16/13 5:17 P

My doctor has recommended I use the Sugar Busters diet plan. Have you used it? Any advice on how to make it work? Any good recipies? Thank you! Carol

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