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Good Luck

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Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

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I had a conversation with a woman nearly my age in the chemist the other day. We were twins with our constant sugar and chocolate craving. She has never met anyone similar to her. We both had curves when we were younger but now look like we are pregnant and both of us hit 40 and our bodies started to change dramatically.

We are both only 5'2" or 157cm

I now have an apple shaped body with the dangerous stomach fat that is not jiggly and wiggly but firm and packed. I have not moved from 85 kilos for 7 years. since my 40th birthday. The woman I chatted with is 43 and has the same issues. She craves sugar and chocolate 24/7.

I told her about getting up at 3am and just needing it so bad. I grabbed milo tin and sat in bed with spoon sucking the powdery goodness down.

I want to give up sugar not forever but for 3 months. 12 weeks. I am spending this week preplanning and organising 3 weeks of meals. I know it will be difficult and preparation is 70% of the success

It will start next Monday 21 July 2014.
Would anyone like to start this with me, if they are medically fit and healthy?

I am a self centred eater, I give my self permission all the time to do things. Because I deserve it. My day has been hard, Why bother I am fat already, One little cake won't make a difference. I will start tomorrow. Who cares. I can't go without. I have to have it or I will feel horrible and it will kill me.....Add your excuses.

Today I am doing my menu. I rarely eat meat, only if it is covered in sauces or marinades.
I will post my menu when complete. If you have any good recipes please share. emoticon

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