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7/25/13 9:31 A

I so agree with ICEDEMETER. It had been about two years since I went to a favorite Jewish deli to have foods from my culture. The restaurant is located in another town I once lived in and I was visiting. My favorite dish tasted so not fresh and organic. (the way I eat now) It had a lot of calories and I was not enjoying it so I stopped eating it.

At first it was a sad feeling not to enjoy the once favorite food from my culture and I felt like sitting Shiva. But I also didn't have that blotted, high fat, ate too much feeling. I feel so much healthier eating the way I do now.

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,512
7/25/13 9:04 A

hmmm. sorta wish I felt like not eating

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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7/25/13 6:47 A

I have lost all desire to eat cookies and ice cream!

LWILKINS60 Posts: 4,757
7/12/13 8:43 P

I haven't eaten white bread in so long and I am almost repulsed by it!

PEYTIESMAMA SparkPoints: (2,567)
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7/12/13 8:04 P

I went to have a diet soda tonight and chose WATER! Even though I already had my 8 glasses! Awesome feeling!

7/12/13 12:51 P

Fantastic ideas Judy! Thanks


JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (31,294)
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7/12/13 8:49 A

when I eat tuna fish I use lettuce leaves as my bread. When I eat bread I use Arnold's very thin pockets.Now when I have tomato soup I eat 1 toasted cheese sandwich or peanut butter sandwich with white bread it is the only thing that taste good with my Campbell's MMM tomato soup.

7/10/13 9:17 P

Yeah I've done that before too (put it in a cup)... lol I just REALLY wanted a sandwich... lol I was pretty amused by my

I also don't eat pasta anymore either. My intention was to only give up bread... but it ended up being anything wheat

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/10/13 9:05 P

That is how I feel about pasta. It just doesn't do that much for me anymore. I will occasionally eat 2 oz. portions, but those are too small to get very excited about.

You don't need bread to eat peanut butter and jam. Just spoon it into a custard cup and swirl it around...

7/10/13 9:01 P

Yeah, I recently had KFC myself. It was one of the rare locations in my area that have the all you can eat buffet. My hubby insisted it was his birthday and he HAD to go there... UGH... I did NOT enjoy it AT ALL. The chicken was sooo greasy. YUK. I enjoyed the very bland salad with a little ranch dressing more than anything. Of course I had to have the biscuit with honey... it was Ok at best though. Not as good as I remember them.

My taste buds have definitely changed. Especially where sugary drinks are involved. Juices, sodas. I have to water the juice down and I just steer clear of soda for the most part.

SARRARAZ Posts: 157
7/9/13 9:08 P

only in moderation

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (599,937)
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7/9/13 9:00 P

I know what you mean; I don't eat bread anymore either!!!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
7/9/13 7:27 P

I know that happened to me with KFC. I thought I really wanted it but it didn't taste good. It was so disappointing.

PS. Healing prayers being sent up for your son

Edited by: MANDIETERRIER1 at: 7/9/2013 (19:28)
7/9/13 4:43 P

I'm sure all of us here send our best wishes for complete remission in your son's future. I'm sure it's draining both of you.


7/9/13 3:41 P

My mind is so bloopy today. A couple of you have asked about my son. He is doing better. He has a rare bone disorder called osteocondritis dessicans... if you can even pronounce that! Basically the bone develops cysts of sorts in the marrow and in essence kills the bone from the inside out. He has had three surgeries on his knees in so many years. The Drs are baffled. Not much is known about the disease but drilling the bone and encouraging blood flow usually does and has fixes the cysts. The problem is that he continues to develop new ones and this is what has stumped the doctors. They don't understand why.

It is very heartbreaking. My son is 17 years old and has kept an amazing out look on things. I think I have been more devastated by this than he has, or at least that he shows. We still have to see the Dr on the 19th of this month to get an xray and see if it is healing.

I think one the most difficult things is seeing my sons dream of being in law enforcement diminish with every new cyst.

7/9/13 3:31 P

@ megadancin.... lol that's how I felt today!!!!! I've been laughing at myself because I went at it with such enthusiasm....... only to find that it was not at all what I was expecting...... hahahahahaha

As for salads... yeah I get tired of them from time to time.... I just stop eating them for a week or so to give my pallet a break and devoure something else during that time. Usually does the trick.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (322,737)
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7/9/13 3:27 P

I can relate because I tend to eat in trends. I'll want nothing but strawberries for breakfast for weeks then switch to oatmeal and then yogurt. It's the same with all meals. I'll eat the same things for every meal except switch up dinner. It drives my husband nuts since he does the shopping and he'll come home fully stocked only to find me "off" that food.

I hope your son is well. Nothing like a mother's worry and prayers.

7/9/13 3:26 P

I had this happen about a month ago but with pasta. I've always craved it in the past, and then all of a sudden, nothing with pasta in it sounded good at all. I've been eating other grains and rice lately. I'm sure it's just a period. When winter comes, I'll probably get the craving back since lots of comfort-type casseroles have pasta in them. I also go back and forth on breads. I'll go for long periods of eating healthy grain breads, and then I tire of them and have to have my squishy white bread for awhile. It's a seasonal thing for me, too. During the summer, I can't get enough fresh-grown produce, but by winter, I'm burned out on them.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,192
7/9/13 3:19 P

I'm the opposite, can't stand to look at or even smell salads, doesn't matter the dressing or what's on it, hate the thought of any kind of green salad, tired to death of it, but try to get my husband to still eat it, lol. Steamed veggies are all I can stand. Same thing with yogurt and Feta cheese, used to love them.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/9/13 2:50 P

It's crazy how this happens! A few weeks ago I decided "I need a treat, I'm going to have a magic bar/layer bar" which was my FAVORITE treat a while ago. I bought one, unwrapped and plated it with great fanfare, took a bite, and thought "this...I don't want to eat this at all." I took one more bite to see if the first was just a fluke, and ended up giving the rest of it away.

I've had more satisfying tomatoes than that magic bar was!

JULIERN06 SparkPoints: (4,351)
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7/9/13 2:49 P

This has happend to me with a lot of processed foods. Foods I LOVED and ate for lunch every day now have little to no appeal. So weird!

7/9/13 2:38 P

This has happened to me with a few things. Soda for one. Oh I used to drink the stuff like it was a life saving event! Lol... once I cut the sugar down I switched to diet soda.... now ehhh.... I will only drink it at restaurants and only because I won't drink their water because there is usually a raunchy after taste. The fountain sodas seem to taste better than canned or bottled stuff too.

I'm also limited to dark chocolate now. Milk chocolate gives me a headache.

7/9/13 2:23 P

It is true! We crave what we eat and we eat what we crave! I am not a big bread person anyways so that is not too much of an issue for me but I LOVEd starbucks peppermint white mochas.... went weeks without and then someone bought me one as a thank you, very sweet of them but it tasted nasty. It was too sweet and so rich and I just couldn't do it.
Love that when we respect our bodies and eat right it will fight to keep us doing it!
I hope your son is ok now. ;0)

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
7/9/13 1:48 P

It's a weird mix of emotions when this happens, isn't it?

I ran in to the same thing a couple of months back with chinese take-out. For years we had ordered from the same restaurant at least once every couple of weeks, and had a few favourite items that we always had. When I started changing my eating habits, we stopped ordering for a few months. Then, one Friday evening, we decided that we wanted to order in, and I was soooo looking forward to having this "treat" that I had been missing....




It certainly didn't taste anything like what I remembered it to be! I actually ended up taking a few bites, throwing it out, and making something else for dinner. I didn't know whether to be happy that my tastes had changed, or sad that something I had looked forward to ended up being so disappointing.

Needless to say, it hasn't been included in our planning since then!

7/9/13 1:33 P

I haven't eaten sandwich bread in months! So of course I have not had one of my FAV things to eat (PB & J) in that amount of time either.

In April my son had surgery, so I prayed very heavy for him and fasted bread or 30 days. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I found many alternatives to eating bread. I did eventually add bread back to my diet, but I generally only eat rolls and things like that if I go to a restaurant and I limit myself to one if they are big and two if they are small.

For the exception of the last couple of weeks I pretty much stay away from bread at home. Anywho, I decided that I REALLY wanted a PB & J for lunch today.... so I dusted off my jar of natural PB and my reduced sugar jelly and created a masterpiece and began to dig in!!! hahahaha...

You know what?... I don't think I like PB & J sandwiches anymore.... as a matter of fact, it's still sitting on the arm of my couch next to me (and has been for about 25 min now) and it does NOT seem appetizing by any means! I munched about half of it because I was hungry... but I have no desire what so ever to finish it.... hahaha

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