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4/24/13 5:44 P

Wendy, I didn't really cut out carbs and my belly was the first thing to go. People just lose weight in different areas. You and I are lucky... most people have a really hard time losing belly fat, no matter what they eat.

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4/24/13 4:16 P

Yeah -- I'm starting to get a little bit annoyed with the pervasive myth that carbohydrates make you fat. The confusion in the first post is starting to become too prevalent.

I am nearly a vegetarian. My diet is of necessity (now that I've cut out the vast majority of the crap junk food) lowish in protein, lowish in fat, and HIGH in carbohydrates. Most of my proteins come from either grains (very high in carbohydrates) or legumes/pulses (at least 50% carbohydrates). Lets' not even get started on all the vegetables (90% carbohydrates or more). And look at my signature! I'm not saying this to brag and I'm trying really hard not to be a jerk, but my weight loss has been going great. Carbohydrates are not making "us" fat, any more than saturated fats were doing so 20 years ago. High protein diets may be great for some. The health benefits of different ways of eating has been debated since forever and there's no end in sight; if you really believe it's a better way to eat (as opposed to the ONLY way to lose weight), then more power to you. But this thing about "you must eat low carb or you're going to be fat and sluggish the rest of your life" is just a lie. It's not true for the vast majority of people.

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4/24/13 4:15 P

Well, I only eat plain unsweetened yogurt - but of course it still has some "natural sugar" in it (milk products always do). And I sweeten it by adding cut-up fruit - again, there's natural sugar involved. I'm a-ok with *that* kind of sugar. But I am very cautious about prepared/packaged items and the excessive "added sugar/cane sugar/cane juice/hfcs/etc. etc. etc." You can overconsume on sugar rather quickly if you eat many of these products - including pre-sweetened yogurts, which often contain a LOT of added sugar (especially the "no fat" ones).

4/24/13 4:01 P

Thanks for the quick responses!
I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to good carbs and bad carbs. I quit eating sugar and bread, chips, flour, (bad carbs) about a year ago. Within 2 months I had lost 30 pounds. I was also training for a marathon so I was running 4 days a week. I lost my "love handles" and my belly went flat! Now that I am back to eating crappy and not running, it is all back. I want to get back to trying to change my lifestyle and cut all of the bad out for good! I guess I am thinking the diet part is what helped me lose the weight but I know the running was a huge part as well. What are your thoughts on sugar?? Like it yogurt???

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4/24/13 3:43 P

Having not viewed this book, it's hard for me to comment, but...

Just in general, "carbs are not inherently bad." There are "good" carbs - the complex carbs found in whole grains, fruits, veggies, beans, legumes... these kind of carbs are necessary for good health. Then you have the "refined/processed" carbs - the sort of stuff like candy, white bread, french fries, soda - that tend to be "empty calories" and which north americans tend to eat in excess, that have given "carbs" as a food group, kind of a bad rap.

If the book focuses on vegetarian/low-meat recipies, these WILL be higher in carbs. Because non-animal protein has to come from plant sources, which - contain, carbs.

It is a myth that "eating too many carbs will give you belly fat" - too many CALORIES will plump you up, but it doesn't really matter if you overconsume on fat, protein or carbs. Too much is too much. It's just that the "typical north american diet" is VERY carb-centric, the "addictively appealing fast foods and processed snacks" are VERY carb-centric. So it gives the appearance that carbs are the culprit - when really, the culprit is simply "excess."

4/24/13 3:39 P

Body fat is body fat---and any source of calories can increase body fat: carbs, fat or protein.

There needs to be a "healthy" blend of carbs, protein and fat in one's diet. And using healthy carbs is key too. I have not seen the book or recipes, so I do not know if the recipes or meal plans are too high. Sorry. I will have to check it out.

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4/24/13 3:37 P

Hi there! I just looked at Bob Harper's new book, The Skinny Tools. All of his recipes are so high in carbs!! I thought high carbs will give you a fat belly, or mid-section. I always try to find recipes with low carbs and low sugar. Any comments???

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