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2/1/13 4:09 P

Hi MissRuth,

Thank you for your post! I saw my doctor in December and had some blood work done, which showed nothing significant really. My thyroid numbers were off in the past and my white blood count has been low for a couple of years. I am scheduled for a physical in March and will certainly push the issue of fatigue. Your statements about eating to get energy and then it not working and feeling like you blew it is right on target!

Working on taking that second step.


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2/1/13 4:05 P

Thanks for your post Coach Nancy.

I understand your statement about weight loss not being a goal in itself because in the past I was focused on becoming as healthy as I could by making smart food choices and exercising. Now it seems I have tunnel vision and all I can see are the numbers on the scale!

I was a single parent for MANY years and never had a clear understanding of how emotionally dependent I was on my daughter when she was here. Her life was not restricted in any way by obligations, but most always when she was home she would talk and talk and talk. Now, it is just so quiet! Many people tell me to get a hobby, but cannot seem to get interested or motivated to try anything. I did realize in September that my reaction to this event seemed somewhat unusual so I went to see my doctor who prescribed an anti-depressant. Thankfully that stopped the crying every day.

Somehow I just have to make the mental connection that food is not the way to comfort myself to get through life. However, that was never taught when I was growing up. It was clear from my mom that we should not use alcohol, but she was a fabulous cook and there was always too much food. Five children and both parents always had a weight issue and 3 of my siblings have serious health problems, which should certainly be enough motivation for me.

Still determined to get this right!

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1/31/13 11:10 P

emoticon to SparkPeople, Pam!

Congratulations on all the weight you lost! I'm with Coach Nancy-- you are not a failure just because you gained a bit of it back. And I agree with the goal-setting. Personally I like to pick things that require some effort on my part, but are not *too* difficult. Nothing breeds success, like success. Like for example, exercise. Instead of saying, I'll do 60 minutes of whatever every day, make it a goal to do 10 minutes of brisk walking 5 days. If you really feel like doing more, do more. But 10 is enough to start.

One thing that jumped out at me from your post, was the mention of fatigue. Have you had a physical recently? Like, within the last year? I know everybody's different, and there are a lot of medical conditions that can cause fatigue. But when I went through menopause, I also developed hypothyroidism. Probably just a coincidence. But I was chalking everything up to menopause and just dragged myself around for months and months. It's like you keep eating, hoping it'll give you some energy just to get through the day. It never really gave me any energy and I'd always feel like, well I blew it today, may as well wait til tomorrow to start the diet. So if you haven't been checked out recently, I'd suggest a visit to the doctor.

SparkPeople is just such an amazing site, full of all kinds of helpful information and tools to help us along the way. They say a journey of a thousand miles, starts with just one step. And you've already taken that one.

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1/31/13 7:26 P

Hi Pam.

Congrats on your success. Just because you have gained some of the weight back does not mean you have failed in any sense of the word. I like reading that you have seen some triggers--menopause and empty nest--those are two biggies for me as well. My daughter moved out 3 years ago (she is 25) and I am heading into the world of menopause with each passing day.

That being said, goal setting can be a very powerful tool to getting us back on board. Just know that weight loss is not a goal itself, but in turn is a the result of us meeting our healthy living goals--such as eating x number of fruits and veggies per day, exercising x number of minutes per day, drinking x number of cups of water per day, etc.

I also think that journaling--putting our action steps into words can be quite motivating, as well as connecting with others who are going down the same path as you are, so you may want to check out some of our SparkTeams (link is located in the community tab drop down menu at the top of your page).

I hope this helps! So glad to have you join the SparkPeople Family!

Coach Nancy

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1/31/13 7:01 P

I lost 65 pounds in 10 months and kept it off for 10 years. Then I lost 65 more pounds and kept it off for 5 years.

In 2011, I gained 10 pounds of it back and then in 2012 I gained 7 pounds so I'm up 17 pounds. I was at 170 and secretly wanted to head towards 150; now I'm at 187 and honestly disgusted that I allowed this to happen. Not making excuses, but I should mention I've gone through menopause during that time and my baby girl (age 21) moved out last May. So, there have been so big triggers, but I know what I should do and what I should not do, but cannot seem to get past the "knowing" and to the "doing." I have suffered with extreme fatigue for over a year, often sleeping through lunch at my desk. I feel like a failure and that of course sets me up for over eating.

So, I found myself turning to Spark in hope of someone throwing a rope out for me to hang on to while I get things settled down somewhat.



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