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6/25/13 4:00 P

You could try emailing Subway (and while you're at it, chastise them slightly for not making the information more readily available on their site!).

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6/25/13 3:13 P

I did look up and saw that each slice was two inches, but the sub's where no where near the same proportion as their regular 6" or footlongs. The bread was much taller and the meat inside thicker than what you get with a regular sub (mainly because they put a pitiful amount in).

Thank you for looking that up for me, but this is why I'm confused for how much food it actually was. Most people were content with one slice of this and some potato chips and little packet of oreos. I opted for two slices. You can see how 2 inches of a sub wouldn't actually be enough, but the way these where made it kind of was enough for a regular person's sandwich portion of lunch. Super bready

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6/25/13 2:48 P

A Subway giant party sub slice (one slice) is exactly 2 inches. So 3 of those would be the same as a 6-inch sub. I got that information directly from their site. I hope this helps you out.

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6/25/13 2:41 P

So Subway is really good about having the nutritional information for their sandwiches easily avaible, but I cannot find it for their catering stuff. Like the 6 foot party sub or party platters. My work frequently brings these in for lunches and it would be nice to know what I'm having those days.

If someone has found it and can post a link, I'd greatly appreciate it. If not, what you ya'll track a slice of the party sub as? It's weird how the bread is sliced and I'm not sure how it compares to their regular sandwiches. I had two slices oven the turkey breast today and temporarily logged it as 1.5 6 inch turkey breast subs. I'm just not sure if that's close in the slightest with the meat amounts and also the bread. The sandwiches are so tall but not that wide, so I'm really lost as to how much it was.

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