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57KILOSGOAL Posts: 6
6/18/13 2:40 P

Thank you. You are absolutely correct...I blogged wrong. Now I have found the forum. Thanks.

ANARIE Posts: 13,199
6/18/13 2:19 P

I think you may be posting on the wrong website. This website doesn't have anything to do with any book that has you "test" foods. Check the address in your navigation bar; I think you're not where you think you are.

57KILOSGOAL Posts: 6
6/18/13 1:49 P

Okay, hello everyone. I am a newbie in need of some help.
First, I am following the thyroid and pescatarian menu. Basically, I eat everything just no meat.
Anyways, I am need of a substitute for chickpeas and broccoli. Any ideas. I ate chickpeas yesterday, and I think I am may be reacting to both chickpeas and broccoli. I was at 59.2 kilos or 130 pounds yesterday, but this morning I was at 59.3 kilos or really the same 130 pounds . I know it is slight since I gained very little, but then again I didn´t lose the .5 pound either.
The thing is I feel very bloated, gassy and constipated so I am thinking I am reactive.

The thing is I am suppose to eat broccoli again tonight, and I think chickpeas if I follow the pescatarian menu. Can anyone give me any ideas?

Also, anyone notice that the books menus do not agree with the spring menus?
They contradict each other. Day 4 says I can have the coffee, cheese and wine...but no mention of the balsamic vinegar or chocolate?
Then, it says to test these new things on day 4 vs. day 5. Anyways, how does one get the MOST updated info.?

Finally, once you test chocolate and you aren´t reactive....does this mean you can have it everyday (the 1 ounce)?????

Any help is appreciated.


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