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8/24/13 8:24 A

Weekly weigh in today and nothing loss?????

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8/23/13 4:35 P


I have been working at this currently since 10/15/2012. Basically 10 months. I really wanted to lose 80 lb by the one year mark in October.

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8/23/13 4:17 P

I do eat alot of the same things everyday until I get sick of them then I switch.

JANEWATKINS Posts: 1,346
8/23/13 11:09 A

well, I guess this answers my question as well. After a month of eating 900-1000 cals a day, I only lost 1/2 pound, My husband was in the hospital . . . and my eating was healthy but with many skipped meals. Lots of running back and forth to hospital, parking, going in and out for lots of steps, doing his jobs (taking out trash, pool maintenance) so I was getting lots of movement but no weight loss. SOOOOO frustrating.

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8/23/13 9:50 A

I agree with the others that you likely aren't eating enough - I would add more protein, healthy fats, low sugar fruits (berries) and green leafy veggies.

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8/22/13 11:43 P

Unfortunately, eating under your calorie range is counter-productive to weight-loss attempts, and can be to your health. When you exercise like you are, you need to eat more, too.
Good luck,

8/22/13 3:10 P

I have "stuck" places intermittently. It is generally when I don't add new healthy things to my diet and eat the same thing day in and out. I also started cross training and not just running. I seem to get stuck for a month or so then when I switch it up I start losing again.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
8/22/13 1:54 P

Strange as it sounds, going too low on calories can hurt your ability to lose weight. Here's why.

Coach Tanya

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8/22/13 12:27 P

How long have you been working at it? Sadly it sometimes it take awhile for the scale to move sadly.

For me personally, I find I lose best when I eat mostly stuff from plants and a serving of protein from each meal. Not to sure about the high protein thing.

Are you drinking lots of water? Also very important.

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8/22/13 11:51 A

Scale not moving and I am eating under calorie goal. I exercise 30-60 a day, longer on weekend.

I keep hearing got to change if up, but what does that mean drop more calories. Or eat high protein diet?

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