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FOCUSONME57 Posts: 7,140
2/5/14 12:15 P

Check out the articles & videos section of this website for workouts you can do at home without equipment.

Happy Sparking!

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2/5/14 11:47 A

Thank you! Off to YouTube I go :)

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2/5/14 11:47 A

Thanks you for the advice. No hula hoop to be found (will have to get one) but I do have a lot of hardwoord floors and always do them on my hands and knees --- did them last week -- but may try have another go at them They sure will shine :)

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2/5/14 11:25 A

Go to youtube and type in "Tae Bo Full" and it will pop up full length Tae Bo workouts. Go at your own pace, but they really do work. Just by doing taebo and eating better I lost 70 pounds so I'm living proof they work! Good luck!

2/5/14 11:22 A

I love the hula hoop. I don't know if you have one. I also like to mop my floor by hand it is a great work out, especially if you have a emoticon lot of wood floors. I sometimes will put different stations in my house, one where I do stair steps one where I am against the wall doing squats, another where I lift weights, or on the floor doing crunches or planking. emoticon emoticon

ANNMSYMES SparkPoints: (5,817)
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2/5/14 11:01 A

Hi everyone,

As with most of the Northeast US, the snow is coming down full force. I do not see how I can make my way to the gym today. I usually take 1 day off a week from the gym, but that day is Sunday.
I do not have a treadmill or any other aerobic machine at home. I know cleaning my house and running up and down the stairs burns up some steps, but no where near the 6K that is my daily goal.

Anyone out there with some suggestions on what I can do inside today to tally some more steps??



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