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9/11/12 9:21 P

Christina, I know where you are coming from I had lost weight and it seems when I got to 168, I couldnt lose anymore, I was stuck and I just lost motivation. I have been in a rut and I joined sparkle to help get me going. I know our everyday lives sometime side track us and I know that is what happen to me, got so much going on that I just feel down.

I am sure you will get there, everything takes time. Look you came this far and from what I hear sometimes we have to change what we are doing and try something else. You will get there.

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9/11/12 9:18 P

Hello Christina,

You have lost a huge amount of weight in a very short time. When you lose weight at a 1 - 2 pound per week rate you give your skin a chance to tone and tighten. You also have youth on your side on that one. You did not gain weight overnight and patience is definitely part of losing weight. The fact that you have maintained the loss is already a triumph.
Do not give up!
Take advantage of the article in the Healthy Lifestyle section and you will find tips on how to overcome plateaus and other ways to change up your routine to get the scale moving downward again. Hang in here. emoticon

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9/11/12 9:10 P

Christina you have great reasons to believe in yourself. At 25 yrs old you have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy a healthy body. You probably have the most energy you will ever have too so do it now and don't wait . I am rooting for you. I am 57 and had a stroke at age 42 and since then exercise has been difficult. I had always been fit and when you have only one side of your body with mobility going to the gym is not a winning option. I can do crunches but the treadmill throws me off and it has been deemed too dangerous for me.
Well enough about me, you are my concern tonight and I want you to put on a big cheesy smile,look in the mirror and visualize all the fun stuff you will be doing while reaching your goal.

Honestly good luck to you! Keep in touch with us and never give up. You are worth better treatment.


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9/11/12 7:58 P

Hi my name is Christina and I am 25. I started my lifestyle change in Feb 2012. When I started I weighed 246lbs and I am currently 186lbs!! Yeah I was super excited about that but still have another 40lbs until I reach my goal. I am stuck! No matter what I have done I have maintained my weight. I really want to loose 40 more lbs so i can be at the 100lbs lost mark Any pointers would be great but I am really starting to loose my motivation and I am afraid I will never reach my goal! HELP

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