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7/25/13 7:46 P

You are less than ten pounds overweight. I think that you need to get some perspective and be a bit more reasonable with yourself.

Self acceptance and giving up are NOT the same thing.

7/25/13 2:24 P

I guess I sound desperate or frantic to lose the weight quickly and I know I'm at a "healthy" weight. Before I had my first baby I was around 122 and got down to 125 before having my second baby. I just want to get back down to the 125 range. I don't want to be one of those moms who just accepts that their body is different after having kids. I don't believe that has to be the case and I'm fighting to get it back to what it was. The reason for the 6 weeks is because we are going on a beach vacation where I will be in a swimsuit everyday. I want to feel comfortable walking around in the swimsuit and not be self conscious about how I look or feel the need to suck my tummy in the entire time.

I agree about the fad dieting. I won't do the low carb diet or anything like that. I have just tried to cut overall calories and eat healthier in general. That combined with the loads of exercise hasn't gotten me where I want to be, so I am going to take a step back and add more food and cut back on the exercise a bit. Hopefully that'll let my body reset so that when I fire things up again, the weight loss will resume. I guess we'll see. Thanks everyone for the advice.

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7/25/13 2:22 P

It sounds like you might be being a little hard on yourself. Although you are doing great at exercising, my personal experience is that beer will put weight on you like nothing else. I've read that taking off a day to let your body rest is a good thing to do. But be careful of overindulging on the weekends. You won't want to undo all of your hard work.

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7/25/13 12:11 P


Why do you only have six weeks to lose the weight ? what's the rush ? as others have noted, me included, at your current weight, you will not lose 1-2 pounds per week. a BMI of 21.8 is in a perfectly healthy range for your height.

If you would like to get back to your pre-baby weight, consider this. It took you nine months to put on that weight. figure at least nine months to take it off. There really are no fast ways to take off the weight. Yes, there are lots of gimics that might work, but the problem ? All those lose weight fast gimics and diets cause a person to regain the weight plus extra later.

Take the weight off slowly and it will stay off. You may want to lose that weight in 6 weeks, your body might not. Work with your body, don't fight your body. Your body will lose on its terms, not yours. And you're going to have to accept that.

7/25/13 11:38 A

I really appreciate everyone's comments and it all makes perfect sense. I don't want my metabolism to shut down and that may be what's happened. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take for one's metabolism to speed back up after it has slowed? With only 6 weeks to lose the weight, I feel like it's the wrong time to increase what I'm eating. I do wonder how celebrities lose the weight so quickly after pregnancy. I'm just as motivated as they are and put in the same effort but I am not having the same success. It's just strange.

7/24/13 9:10 P

By the way, your BMI is already in the healthy range...21.8.

7/24/13 9:08 P


You had a baby 3 months ago. Even if you are not breast feeding, you need a LOT more calories. Seriously. 1200 is not going to cut it. Your body needs to repair. Allow it to get the nutrition it needs to be strong again.

You risk serious health issues for yourself if you do not increase your calories. Discuss this issue with your doctor as soon as possible. Let them know how much you are eating.

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7/24/13 7:13 P

You are losing at an acceptable rate. You didn't start at a very large weight to begin with, so you will have more trouble as the weeks go by. You can still eat out and keep the weight off, and why not try drinking a beer, then water, then a beer.

And all the other posters are right about the number of calories. Working out for an hour a day and then eating 1000 calories, your body is freaking out and saying - hold onto what we got boys, it's looking pretty bleak! Just from my own experience, when I stopped working out for 2 hours plus a day and started eating a little more, I lost more weight. Now, I do JM 30 Day Shred 6 days a week, and though I've gone over my numbers- and I know I need to get back to reality with that - I am still losing.

Don't kill yourself with exercise or use it to punish yourself when the scale isn't moving, that takes all the enjoyment out of it.

Also, could it be that time of the month? I usually bloat quite a bit.

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7/24/13 5:03 P

I don't think you necessarily have to eliminate eating out. SP has many great articles on places to eat and what to eat once you're there. One thing that works for me is to check out their website if I know where I'm going ahead of time. Usually I can find something I like that's about twice the calories I want to eat for a meal. I eat a nutritious snack 30 minutes or so before I go so it won't be too difficult to bring half the food home with me. The bonus is that I get delicious leftovers for another meal. Could you find something you enjoy drinking that has fewer calories that you could have while your husband has his beer? Relaxing and having fun is more about the people than the drink anyway, right?

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7/24/13 1:35 P


While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. there will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Because you are already at a healthy weight for your height, you're going to find that it does take longer to lose those last 5-10 pounds. Ask any member down to that amount and they'll tell you they don't lose 1-2 pounds per week. they'll tell you they are lucky if they lose one pound per month.

So, don't assume something is wrong beause the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd like.

I blame the celebrity grocery store rags. You know, the ones that have cover shots of all the celebrity moms who got their bodies back in 2-3 months. Why were they able to lose and you can't ? Because they have nannies to take care of their new babies. they have chefs and dietitians to prepare their meals. they have personal trainers they can workout with 3-5 times per week. they have all day just trying to lose weight. the rest of us aren't that lucky.

So, you do need to be more patient with yourself and your body. Because doing 1.5 hours of exercise will not speed up the process. In fact, eating too little and exercising too much can hinder your weight loss. I know this is going to sound strange, but a person has to eat in order to lose weight.

If you're going to increase the amount of exercise you do, you're going to have to eat more. otherwise, you won't have the energy (calories) you need to do that exercise. Eating too little will cause fatigue with time.

7/24/13 12:21 P

My goal weight is 125 lbs. I am 5'5, so I think that's reasonable. My doctor told me to wait 6 weeks after having the baby to start exercising, so that's why I just started 6 weeks ago. My goal then was to lose about 5 lbs per month, which I was on my way to doing until recently. I would like to cut out the beer and eating out entirely, but my husband says he wants to relax and have fun on the weekend and I feel bad ruining his fun basically. I've asked him to help me and I guess he does because we used to drink beer every weekend and eat out during the week and we've cut that back. I'm not nursing so I don't need the extra calories but I'll try your suggestions of eating 1200 calories per day and see if I can get out of the beer and eating out for a week and see how that goes. I appreciate the suggestions. I just got so frustrated this morning when I got on the scale and saw I had gained weight. I did an hour and a half of exercise yesterday because I really wanted to see the scale move down and instead it went up! Very discouraging...

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7/24/13 11:51 A

I agree with everything OMENDER said. You are definitely eating too little. I know it's puzzling, but I'm convinced based on my own experiences that undereating hurts your weight loss efforts as much as, if not more than, overeating. Your body goes into conservation mode and stingily parcels out the calories - mainly to bodily processes required for survival. What's worse is then if you do eat more, it doesn't switch back to maximum burn, instead the body greedily hordes as much as it can.
I also agree that if this is a short term "diet", why not forego the beer just for a few weeks. If you start tracking your calories and watch out for all the nutrients you should be getting, not just protein and fiber, but also calcium, you'll see that you need every single one of those 1,200 calories to meet your basic nutritional needs. Please consider this - I think it's not just an appearance issue, but a health issue as well. Best of luck with your weight loss.

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7/24/13 11:34 A

I would say first your are eating too little. 1200 is the MINIMUM a woman should eat to get the basic nutrients a body needs and that is with little activity and no excercise. If you are nursing, you are way under eating.
How much are you trying to lose in the next 6 weeks? If it is over 6 pounds, you have too high a goal set, and frankly, at your weight you may not be able to expect more than 2-3 pounds (.25-.5 pounds a week).
If you want to try p90 x, go for it, but I think the next 6 weeks of "clean" eating (maybe drop going out to limit high calories and sodium and the beer for just the next few weeks) eating an appropriate calorie range set for you on SP or babyfit, and maintaining an excercise routine will get you the best results for your trip. But you may also have to adjust your expectations of what you should be able to lose.

7/24/13 10:57 A

I know this issue has probably been addressed lots of times here on SP, but I haven't found answers related to my issue specifically. I had a baby 3 months ago and for the past 6 weeks, I've been exercising and dieting, trying to drop the baby weight before a beach vacation, which is in another 6 weeks. I have been doing about an hour of exercise almost everyday for the past 4 weeks (taking 1 or 2 days off per week). I am watching my diet and typicallly eating 1000-1200 calories per day. On the weekends, I do go out to eat and end up going over my calorie count on Sat and Sun. Every other weekend, I also drink 4 beers on Saturday night. I started out at 143 lbs and have dropped down to 132 and was stuck there for over a week, but in the past few days I have gone back up to 135. I alternate my exercise using dvds- circuit training, Turbo Jam and Jillian Michaels no more trouble zones. I try to do different exercises each day so my body doesn't get comfortable with the exercise. My husband thinks I need to mix it up even more, like with P90x or something but I don't know if I want to go that intense. I have heard that it takes 3800 calories or so to add 1 lb of fat to the body. So, even with eating heavy on the weekends, I should be able to overcome that during the week with the low cal eating and heavy exercise. I don't understand why I'm having trouble losing the weight. Can it really be the weekends that are stalling my weight loss efforts when I should be losing tons of weight during the week? I wonder if I am undereating during the week, but afraid to increase my food intake because I'm already having enough trouble losing weight. I'm just not sure what's going on and am so frustrated. Any tips would be great.

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