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3/23/14 9:32 P

Most places have these 'spot inspections' so if you were to shift, you would be faced with the same thing.

My suggestion is to take a deep breath and work through things methodically. make sure that soiled laundry is out of sight, and clean laundry is folded, the floor is clean, and the bathroom is clean. If there is stuff over the floor, pick it up as you go. Ensure that the kitchen counter tops and oven are clean and dishes done and away. It is amazing what just that will do. it can also help if you have a lemon, crush some and put it in the mircowave (juice AND peel) and zap it to help freshen the kitchen up.

Good luck,

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3/22/14 6:43 P

We just got notice yesterday they are doing a spot inspection on my apt on Monday. So now I have to rush around all weekend and make sure everything looks nice and is up to code. I hate when they come in. I feel like someone is invading my personal space and it does not feel good. I'm at the point of thinking about moving because of these "spot" inspections that they call.


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