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7/27/11 4:25 P

Hang in there. The beginning is always the hardest. I like everyone's advice about setting small, attainable goals. And making working out bearable is how to be successful. Books during workouts may be the trick! Good luck, you'll get it.

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7/27/11 2:16 P


Baby steps. Use Pareto's 80/20 rule -- it's the little things that make the biggest difference

7/27/11 11:53 A

Looking at your screen name, I assume you like to read. You might try checking out CDs of books from your library or downloading audio books to your MP3 player and listening to them as you exercise. Decide on a time you would like to exercise and listen to that many chapters and then go one chapter longer if you want.

7/27/11 11:49 A

Sorry you're having a hard time. What worked for me was to take baby steps, and only try to do one or two new things at once. Once those became habits, I amped it up a bit. Good luck!

PEPIPOI Posts: 942
7/27/11 2:57 A

I have had my moments of struggling with many things. Weight, high Blood Pressure, high cholesterole and physical things. I have found that I need to relax and let things just take care of themselves. At present I am recovering from an operation on my mandible yesterday. The operation went well but now I have a lot of pain, so I am just taking the medications doing the physiotherapy exercises that I was given and letting it all happen naturally. Trying very hard to get through and not let it make it a stuggle rather looking it as my recovery. Hope this helps. I'm always available to answer anything and add me as a buddy. emoticon

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7/27/11 2:46 A

Sorry you are struggling. Are you goals realistic? Making small changes can make it easier to stick with and less overwhelming. Also a plan for meals and exercise that you try to stick with

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7/27/11 1:47 A


7/27/11 12:42 A

Good Morning, I am really feeling down and frustrated with myself. First off this is the first time I have been on the site since Saturday. I am also finding i hard to get motivated to exercise. I don't know what I want to happen but I know unless I start really doing it nothing will really change.
Grr... why is is so hard to really make those changes. I was doing the Diabetes 8-week challenge and decided to stop till I really got control of a few other things first. I will hopefully start again once I am settled back into the routine of school. I just know I am not sticking to the little things that I need to do.
Well I will hopefully be using this site again regularly now. Minus my day trip in the airport. Pray the trip home is easier the the trip here.
Well Good luck and I wish everyone the best of luck in all they hope to accomplish!

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