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9/23/13 2:16 P

Your blood pressure IS high--your diastolic should be under 80, not 96.

You can have a stroke for absolutely no reason at all. I had a hemorrhagic stoke (ruptured brain aneurysm) when I was 28--my blood pressure was low, my weight was normal at the time and I had no other risk factors.

Sometimes bad stuff just happens. Why not just take good care of yourself now so that you feel better and can enjoy life more?

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9/23/13 11:32 A

Wow! A year ago! How have things turned out so far?

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9/23/13 5:31 A

Just a reminder that the original post was nearly a year ago!


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9/22/13 3:00 P

Some of your symptoms may be due to your anxiety. Go see your Doctor and explain what is worrying you. Nothing in this life is guaranteed but you can do what is within your control to reduce your risk.
Reducing that risk is reducing your anxiety.
Take care

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9/22/13 10:25 A

I agree with ARCHIMEDESII, you diabetes test is out of date!

You need to be tested for diabetes yearly.... especially when overweight.

If you are insulin resistant or diabetic.... your heart is at risk as well. Have your doctor do an A1C test which is an average of your sugar levels for 3 months.

Usually in the month before a heart attack.... women have trouble sleeping...signs not to ignore are sweating, nausea and dizziness, breathlessness, sleeplessness, and anxiety...these too can also be early signs of diabetes well as increased thirst. People with diabetes are five times more likely to die from heart related problems....yes...really!

If your worried about your heart ...put an emphasis on produce, monounsaturated fats, and protein from fish, with only a small amount from red meat. Walnuts fight heart disease...they have fiber & unsaturated fat that can help lower any bad 4 walnuts per day for protection. Also almonds...plant sterols, fiber, and heart healthy fats. Use Benocal instead of butter or margarine because it has plant sterols.
Heart healthy salt free seasonings include garlic, pepper, rosemary, basil, oregano, lemon and vinegar, or start using Mrs. Dash sodium free....there are many flavors to choose from.
Instead of using spices and herbs that contain sodium or salt, try to garnish your vegetables with freshly ground black pepper and lemon juice. You will be amazed the way the flavors come out. Coriander is a good substitute for salt, seeds or powder also known as cilantro... you can get the fresh or dried variety....Rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme contain antioxidants...good for the heart

Black Beans are packed with heart healthy nutrients, Omega 3s like salmon, tuna, sardines,
include sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, Romaine, Kale, collard greens, the darker the green the better. Stock up on cruciferous veggies like cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower & eat your Broccoli to Lower Heart Risks.

Hulled or "whole grain" barley is heart healthy...make barley/veggie soup...extra virgin Olive Oil has polyphenols that may protect blood vessels. Eat Steel cut Oatmeal (Bob's Red Mill @ Walmart) add berries and walnuts for a heart healthy breakfast.

Avocados, Apples, Blueberries, cherries, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,

Beta-carotene lowers heart risks have some yellow squash, acorn squash, carrots, sweet potatoes....

Oranges, tomatoes and strawberries contain Vitamin C which promote blood circulation
Peaches and fresh apricots are good for the heart. Peas, lentils and pinto beans in particular all have over 350mg of potassium. The fiber in beans is soluble, which forms a gelled like substance in the stomach and helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Glad your seeing the doctor...this is not meant as medical advice...just good ideas to keep the heart healthy and you can consult your doctor for individual advice.

You blood pressure 126/94 is not is high
The systolic (the top number) is high normal
the diastolic (bottom Numer) is the pressure in your blood vessels when the heart relaxes between b eats...anything over 90 is HIGH

Take your blood pressure and average 8 measurements to find out your typical blood pressure and bring the readings with to the doctor please.

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9/21/13 9:18 P

You are right to be concerned, especially when it is a time of day that you can take some steps to get this checked. It is always a toss up what to do: is this an emergency or should I take a deep breath and do something to reduce stress - at least until the sun comes up?! If you have had a string of worrisome symptoms, your peace of mind can only really be restored by meeting the anxiety head on with information.

Women tend to believe they are being hypochondriac or that they are too busy "right now" to investigate. Our CV symptoms are often not the same as for males; for more information you can read Women Are Not Small Men: Life Saving Strategies for Preventing and Healing Heart Disease in Women by Nieca Goldberg, MD.

The great thing is that there is healing to be had. I hope you will have reassuring news as well as very supportive medical personnel. Best wishes.

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9/21/13 7:31 P

Hello! Borderline hypochondriac here! It's completely miserable, so you have my greatest sympathies.

Short answer -- any of those things are possible, but probably none of them are likely.

Long answer -- the short answer doesn't really matter, does it? Being obese is a risk factor for all kinds of things, and you know that. Lack of exercise (don't know if that applies as well, but by the odds of anyone being here in the first place, it probably does) is even worse. We can't ever fully control what will happen to us, and we'll never know the exact odds for ourselves, but we do have the power to change them.

So focus on what you can do to improve your health, the things you know you can and should do better than now. I'll tell you from experience it's a lot more empowering and refreshing to the mind and body than is worrying about it.

Best wishes to you.

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9/18/13 1:29 A

Try not to be a hypochondriac and learn the signs and symptoms of a heart attack so that you are aware of true heart attack symptoms. The first thing you need to know is if you ever do feel like you are someone around you is having a heart attack, call 9-1-1 immediately. Don't drive yourself or someone else to the hospital, and do not ask someone to drive you. Your safest bet is to call 9-1-1. Early symptoms of a heart attack include (but it varies for every person): nausea, pain that travels down one or both arms, jaw pain, fatigue, anxiety, chest pressure, back pain, shortness of breath, or feeling of fullness. Many people also experience chest symptoms such as pressure, burning, aching, or tightness. It is possible for people to have heart attacks and show no signs or symptoms. So if you are really concerned about having a heart attack, talk to your doctor about what you can do to prevent having one and what signs might be if you were to have one.

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11/17/12 6:02 A


Even though your blood sugar was tested three years ago, that does not necessarily mean you are not pre-diabetic or diabetic today. That test is now three years out of date. A lot can happen to a person's body in three years.

Can a person who has no family history of heart disease, have a heart attack/stroke if the only issue is that they are overweight ? Yes, it is possible. Anything is possible, but we can REDUCE the risk of heart disease by keeping our weight in a healthy range, eating right and getting some regular exercise.

Can a person's weight negatively effect their health ? Yes, being morbidly obese or obese does increase our risk for a number of medical problems. Exercise has benefits that go far beyond calorie burn. Studies have shown that someone who is active can be healthy even if they carry a few extra pounds. Other studies have shown that someone who is thin, but sedentary has an increased risk for disease even though they may be at a healthy weight.

The point ? No one of us is immune to ill health. We're all at risk. However, the point is that we can reduce that risk by engaging in a healthy life style.

I'm glad you're talking to your doctor. Regular checkups are also part of engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Like I said, our bodies do change.

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11/16/12 9:31 P

Please do not let what happened to others worry you too much--none of us are in a position to say what is or isn't possible. This is really a topic for you to discuss with your health care provider.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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11/16/12 9:28 P

Hi FOUREYEDFOOL - As Coach Nancy said, anything is possible.

My hubby was not obese - his BP was perfectly normal at lower end of the normal range. His Cholesterol was perfectly normal - at the lower end of the range. He was very physically active - much more so than most people. He didn't have diabetes and there was no family history of it, but there WAS a family history of heart attack. He had his first heart attack a few years ago, had his second last year at the age of 57yrs, and recently had a 3rd small one.

You mention "I've been sort of a hypochondriac." You also say " I always felt like my left arm hurt (carpal tunnel)." Why do you say "ALMOST"- have you been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel? I have had surgery on both wrists for this. The symptoms aren't so much as 'arm hurting' but rather numbness in the tips of the fingers, but having normal feeling in the palms, and also dropping small things. In my case the first things I started dropping was money - the notes!

I suggest that when you next go to your Dr, you talk with him/her about your concerns, and also ask if you are able to be referred to a Therapist who can help you. I have a feeling that you may suffer from a form of Anxiety Issue. A therapist can help you to deal with that, and relax your mind, which in turn can relax the body. You can be taught proper breathing techniques which is often problematic when stress is involved, and can actually cause some of the symptoms you have mentioned, including chest pain. He/she will also be able to help you with your Binge Eating - it is a disorder just as much as heart disease or stroke!

Good luck,

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,450
11/16/12 9:02 P

"is it possible to have a stroke or a heart attack simply from being obese, even if you don't have high cholesterol or high blood pressure and are not over the age of 65? I"

My dad died of a heart attack at 48.
NO high cholesterol.
NO high BP.
NO obesity.

Heart attack can happen to anyone....

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11/16/12 8:59 P


Anything is possible, but your doctor is really the best source of advice as he/she is most familiar with your situation and your medcial history.

Coach Nancy

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11/16/12 8:54 P

Since this past summer, I've been sort of a hypochondriac. I always felt like my face was numb (turns out it was from TMJ). I always felt like my chest hurt (pulled muscle) and I always felt like my left arm hurt (carpal tunnel).

Last time I got checked (about six months ago?), my cholesterol was normal. It was on he higher side of normal, but still within normal range. My blood pressure has always been fine (here in the past two months it's been creeping up higher, but still normal, say, 126/94). I think that's normal, anyway. As far as I know, I am not diabetic. I got tested three years ago and was fine, and I have not exhibited any symptoms of diabetes since. My grandmother had a stroke, but not until she was 83 years old. She ate McDonalds or some other fat-laden food every day of her life for, at least, the 21 years I was alive before she passed. My mother is overweight but not had a stroke, my father is overweight but no stroke, and both of his parents are healthy. I have no diseases that could lead to a stroke besides being obese.

I guess my question is...and forgive me if this sounds, is it possible to have a stroke or a heart attack simply from being obese, even if you don't have high cholesterol or high blood pressure and are not over the age of 65? I do find it somewhat hard to believe that my cholesterol wasn't high, because for the past four years I have been a major binge eater and would eat at least two whole pizzas every week, with very limited physical activity. Although to be honest, I was working up until about July, so I've only been physically inactive for about four months.

Thanks in advance. I just need some reassurance is all ;) I made an appointment with my doc, but she can't see me for two weeks.

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