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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,446
5/25/14 3:30 P

"When you have stretch marks then for sure you have cellulite."

That statement is as ridiculous as the link....

3/7/14 12:48 P

I agree...I have learned a lot more people have them than I thought. And I also learned that it can be genetic... I got some in high school and didn't understand because I was at a very healthy weight. Now I just try to not let it bother me.

MISS_MANDAJ SparkPoints: (3,843)
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3/7/14 11:18 A

thanks everyone for your input !

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
3/7/14 9:51 A

In some cases cocoa butter (or lotion with cocoa butter) can help lessen the appearance, but I think laser therapy is currently the only way to permanently remove them.

I agree with the PP...a LOT of people have them, just like cellulite. Don't be too self-conscious about them.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/7/14 9:47 A

There's not a whole lot you can do. Getting them is largely genetic, and while some OTC creams can help t hem feel better, the only way to truly get rid of them is surgery. I consider them battle scars. :)

ELLGEEBEE SparkPoints: (1,038)
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3/7/14 9:41 A

I saw my dermatologist and he gave me a cream to apply to the marks to help minimize their appearance. What color are your stretch marks? If they are purple/red (fresh) you may have better luck with getting them to lessen in appearance. If they are white/light I'm afraid you may be stuck with them... there is also a dermatologic procedure that uses a laser but it is pricey, I looked into it and decided I would rather do without. Don't worry though, in the grand scheme of things stretch marks aren't a big deal, and I have found that a lot of other people either have them or could care less about the fact that you have them. :)

MISS_MANDAJ SparkPoints: (3,843)
Fitness Minutes: (2,212)
Posts: 34
3/6/14 11:34 P

I have stretch marks from being over weight? Does anyone else have this problem? Any one know how to help the marks? Or if they will go away?

Please and thanks!

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