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4/11/12 5:25 A

Thanks for the replies.

I don't expect them to ever go away 100%, but I have heard creams and such can work. But usually when started early, and well, I didn't start any early! Thankfully time has faded most of them, but the ones on my arms and sides are still yucky.

Darn weight gain.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,792
4/10/12 8:45 A

"Has anyone found anything that helps with stretch marks? "

The ONLY things that work are time and surgery.

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4/9/12 11:44 P

I haven't found anything that works, but they do definitely fade over time. Like a couple of years, not just one.

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4/9/12 11:36 P

There are no cures- just don't yo yo diet.. This is the murder of skin elastic qualities.. Once the elastic qualities are killed off there is plastic surgery and this doesn't remove stretch marks.. The only effective treatment is lazer like when people have tattoos removed..

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4/9/12 10:08 P

After two babies, I've used Mederma & have had amazing results :) It is expensive unless you get on eBay and search! I was able to get 2 full size tubes for $40. (They're about $50/each at drugstores) I don't recommend products unless I know they work!

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4/9/12 9:27 P

Has anyone found anything that helps with stretch marks?

I gained my weight so quickly I got stretch marks. Ugh. They have faded a bit over the past year or so of losing weight, but some still remain and are deep and make me very self conscious.

Thanks in advance!

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