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I completely get where you are coming from! I like running as a work out too...but I struggle with it all year...I have two young children and a husband on the volunteer fire department...If I leave the house to run...he's stuck home if the pager goes off...and in the winter...forget it...Tried the treadmill thing, and it works if I have a TV in front of it...even if it only plays movies...unfortunately those can get worn out...hubby killed ours running 6 miles a day on it.

This is going to sound a bit crazy, but I often simpy run in place while watching a movie. Started doing that after the treadmill busted...and used my Wii Fit to keep track of the distance (It had a 30 minute run you could do while watching your favorite show). I was a bit sceptical about this working at first...but I lost 25 pounds doing that and steps (30 minutes each) every night. By the time I got 1/2 way done loosing my wait I got stuck...probably because I never switched it up...hoping adding some of the videos and work out generators on here will solve that problem so I can loose that last 25 pounds.

Hope this helps...and good luck!

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I'm new to this site. I signed up hoping to find some support and advice to help keep me motivated and also just connect with people going though the same journey as myself.

In March I finally decided it was time for a change. The one thing that mainly led to it was how unhappy I became with my own body image. I hated going out with friends and taking pics. Shopping for clothes was no fun at all.

I'm almost at my goal weight. However.... now I stress out about gaining it all back. People have noticed and commented on how great I look. I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and people kept saying how great I looked. All I think about is now that I'm skinny I look good, then how did I look b4? I felt like I was the center of attention. I've never liked that roll. I like to be unnoticed. I'm worried now that everyone notices me thin, they'll wait to see if I gain it all back.

I'm so paranoid that I'll gain the weight back this winter. During winter months I go into hibernation mode. That means come home from work, walk the dog then lay on the couch till it's time for bed. The darkness early is such a bummer.

Right now most of my work outs are outdoor things. I'm still not comfortable going to the gym. I do a few classes a week and that's about it. The rest of the time I'm either hiking biking or running. Tired doing DVD's at home. It's not for me.

Any cold weather runners out there? Your advice is needed. Thanks.

Can anyone lend me advice on getting though the winter months? And also how you handle the attention you get from your new body image?

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