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Start earlier and get back before anyone is out of bed. That way your husband cannot possibly complain.

I encourage you to join the group Run like a mother on FB, you'll find many women in the same situation and it always boils down to remind DH that a) you are both parents, and you are both entitled to your own leisure activities and b) if all else fails, refer back to my first comment of this post.

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I'm 49 years old and this year, I decided I wanted to run in a half marathon. So, I too have been slowly easing into a training program. I talked with a friend who happens to be a running coach and this is what they said to me,"you should enjoy the process of traing for the half marathon".

I had asked whether or not I'd be prepared to run in the Rock and Roll Half in Philadelphia in September. And I wanted an honest opinion. I trust this person's opinions. Well, she told me that I could rush my training for the half, but I could end up injured if I try to do too much too soon.

That's why I'm encouraging you to not rush the process. if your body isn't ready for those long runs, you will end up injured. So, I may not be ready for the Rock and Roll, but there are lots of different half marathons in oct/november. Instead of pushing your body for september, take a look at the Philadelphia Marathon in November. it's a full marathon and a half. I may well be doing this one. I'm looking at OTHER rock and roll halfs for next year.

I was thinking of doing either the Rock and Roll Half in New Orleans or maybe DC. the point ? I'm not rushing the process and neither should you. take your time so that you're not stressing out. It stinks that your hubby is being selfish. And he is being selfish. He should be able to look after the children for a couple of hours and yet, he's shirking his responsibility as a father. It's not just women's work to look after the kids. husbands should too.

Not to criticise your hubby, but he's being lazy and selfish.

I do encourage you to continue training for your half. but, don't fret. don't worry. don't stress. really enjoy being outside running !! If the hubby is going to be a nudge, then you're going to have to get up earlier in the morning for those long runs. I'm up as early as 5am to run. that will give you 90-120 minutes for those long runs.

My advice would be to slowly ease into those longer runs. Ask your friend how they felt after running that half marathon cold. they may have been able to complete it, but they may have been pretty crippled from the DOMS afterwards. As another friend told me, you can run and complete a half OR you can run a fast race. So, the question is how well do you want to run that half ? Do you want to complete or do you want to challenge yourself ? Because worse case scenario, you can always do a walk/run combo.

If you need a cyber half running partner, friend me.

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I'm sorry your husband isn't more supportive in your goal to run a half, but I really commend you from letting that stop you. That's how I deal w/ my DH sometimes... especially with the housework and childcare (and I only have 1). The sound of him kicking out the foot rest of his recliner elicits a physical feeling of resentment!! I know he won't change, so instead, I change my attitude about it and save nagging for the important stuff ;)

I say 10. My first half training schedule topped out at 12, but I was pretty new to running. I say 10 cause once you get that done, all that's left is a 5K.. and 10 miles into a real race (especially a fun, visually stimulating one like the Philly Rock and Roll), knowing you only have a 5K left... you'll find your energy. Good luck, keep us posted!

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I have mentioned before my obsession with running a half marathon. I have recruited a few buddies to run one in October or possibly the Rock N Roll Philly Half in Sept. with me but they haven't started a training plan yet. Both are regular runners like myself.

Here's the deal. I haven't been following any formalized training schedule so far. I run 5-6 miles each day during the week and a long run of 8.5 miles at the furthest on Saturday. Thinking about running longer than 9 miles right now, for training purposes, stresses me out. My husband isn't super supportive, and though he doesn't complain, he always appears mildly irritated on Saturday mornings when he has to walk the two boys downstairs... and wait for ME to return to cook b-fast. When I get done running my two young boys are immediately asking to eat and the baby is crying for me to hold him. DH is usually obliviously sitting on the couch watching Sports Center or on his phone playing while I end up super dehydrated from not having two seconds to take a drink of water. So because of this, it stresses me out to think about running for much longer than 9 miles. I've mentioned this to him in passing and he says he doesn't care if I run, but thinks it's unnecessary to get up so early to do it, or that I really don't have any reason to be running for so long b/c I don't need to lose any weight. He obviously doesn't have the running bug. ;) So I guess my question is, what is the minimum amount of training I can do for a half? I am not trying to break any records, just run the whole thing. A coworker told me yesterday that she has run one before without ever having run more than 6 miles.

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