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1/31/12 12:56 P

I completely understand what you mean about turning to anything to munch on. If my day at work is stressful I used to do the same thing. If I couldn't find anything to munch on, I would hold out until the end of the day then stop by the BK that's right by our office and pick up junk to satisfy my hunger. I've learned to prepare myself small snacks to keep under my desk or in the refrigerator at work- the Chobani Champions, Cuties (clementines), 100 calorie packs of plain almonds, 100 calorie packs of popcorn, apples, carrot sticks, etc. I get to snack in moderation and not feel bad for overindulging in a fat and sugar laden iced coffee or jr. whooper. :-)

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1/31/12 9:27 A

Hey, Doreen !

I feel your pain. Some days, you can't win no matter what. Do you happen to have a pillow ? Go ahead... scream into it. Punch it. toss it around. Tell yourself it's okay to let off some steam. Go outside. take a walk. I do find a good brisk walk around the neighborhood helps too. The fresh air will certainly do you some good.

We've always been taught that the customer is always right, even when they are wrong. What to do ? Be polite and be professional. That's all you really can do. If that isn't good enough for that person, then you bump them up to your superior. There is only so much you can do and some times, a person will keep screaming until they think someone is listening to them.

It's frustrating. So, you take things one day at a time. Don't beat on yourself if you turned to food for comfort. Today, you eat a little better. You treat your body a little better. You'll start feeling a bit better.


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1/31/12 12:21 A

I work in a field as a freelance resthome helper and can relate to clients screaming.. Reality check talk with your coworkers, do supervision calling it verbal violence and mill over this experience.. Don't just muddle through your day if you had a hard time..
Solve the problem get it out of your system, you may find you didn't need the something to crunch.. But this is us humans in a nut shell we think a healthy snack will solve other problems in our life- they don't..
Perhaps try a non violent communications class- dealing with people especially whom have a tendency to act this way all the time. Re-doing it occassionally saves my nerves and from taking crap they say so personally..

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1/30/12 10:00 P

Ugh today was truly Monday. Started off great with my sparkpeople video, yogurt and granola than I got into the office. The day opened with a client screaming "I can't" over the phone and went downhill from there. I'm a mental health social worker whose own mental health was really challenged today. Normally I love what I do and eating at work isn't a real challenge (except to find time to eat) but today was different. Today it was chips and burgers, anything to crunch on. does anyone out there have any good ideas to combat this mess. I really feel derailed at this point. Thanks sparks friends emoticon

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