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5/12/13 7:47 P

PMS almost always does me in for at least one day. I try to focus on the good feelings I'll have on my first day back on track (tomorrow).

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5/12/13 9:31 A

Thanks everyone, the advice and support cheers me. I had taken a little sack with yogurt bars and protein granola bars with me to the hospital, then completely ignored them and went for the unhealthy fare. I will try harder if there is a next time. My granny physically is doing great but her mental status is pretty bad, a lot of confusion. Hopefully, that will improve as time goes on, thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes.

Blessings, Michelle

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5/12/13 8:24 A

everyone does have those times.
one thing that i have found really helpful is to have shelf stable stuff with me at all times [ i carry around what amounts to an activity bag]. so i have crackers with cheese or nut butter, fruit cups in their own juices, granola bars, crackers, jerky, nuts, and dried fruits and veggies. i don't keep all of them at all times, but i try and have at least three on hand at all times and to rotate them out so i don't get bored. since most of them are good for a year, that gives me plenty of time to use them up as a backup net rather than a first choice. the other thing i have is a [now mental] list of what i can pick up at the grocery store. they have precut fruits and veggies, salads, parfaits, yogurt, sushi, hardboiled eggs, cup of soup [my local store carries dr macdougall's. the black bean soup in that line has 13 grams of fiber in a cup that you just add water to. so for heat and eat it's not too shabby. plus they have lentil curry and potato leek. yum.], thai kitchen noodle carts, and those little tuna and cracker packs. and that is without even thinking about the frozen dinners. it's not always going to work out, but more often than not this kind of preparing for being too busy for whatever reason can help a great deal.

5/12/13 7:52 A

Yesterday, I was uncontrollable....and don't have stress to blame.

I ate ice cream, a huge chocolate chip cookie from Panera bakery, and a bunch of honey bunny graham crackers.

Yesterday, I started my period.

We all have times like these. Like the previous poster said, put it behind you. Today is a new day, a clean slate...and the beginning of a new week!

Let's start over, shall we?

Hope your grandmother is on the mend.


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5/12/13 7:28 A

Put it behind you.

You did a service to your Grandmother; you neglected yourself possibly, but you cannot undo that, now. It's hard to plan ahead for 'emergency' situations. Sure, having a pile of chopped veggies and easy-to-grab fruits in the fridge is great - but we don't always do that.

So, you're back at it.
Good for you.

Best wishes on your healthy journey. You'll still have ups and downs; just make sure you use each as a learning experience.

Best wishes, also, for your grandmother's recovery.

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5/12/13 7:24 A

Last week my grandma fell and broke her hip and so she had surgery and all week long between my mom, aunt, and I we have been taking turns at the hospital. One of the days I had a salad, but a glass of Sierra Mist, when the cafeteria was open on a skeleton staff as the hours were very late, I should've had water but didn't. Last week, I did manage on Monday as I wasn't at the hospital, to work in a little over an hour of straight cardio. All the rest of the week I was with my grandma. I snacked on terrible things: Cheetos, Sierra Mist, choc. chips and marshmallows, microwave popcorn, sloppy Joes, French fries, really gross stuff. Then, 2 days ago I started my yearly period. (I have the Mirena and only have one big period a year). Today I am restarting my Spark food tracker, I decided not to weigh myself this week. As my Grammy was moved to a local hospital, the stress is off to be with her all the time, so I have kickboxing tomorrow and Zumba and an extra half hour of circuit cardio, then am hoping to stick to Sparkpeople recipes/tracker.

I feel terrible, all that horrible food and I really do feel sick to my stomach. Anyone else have these weeks? How long of good healthy food until I feel better?

Blessings, Michelle

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