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8/13/12 10:22 A

If you hurt your wrist from a punch, you hit wrong. Has almost nothing to do with wrist strength. You have wraps? Wrap up your hands/wrists for a while so this can heal. The wraps also help hold everything straight so you can feel better when you hit wrong, and then the wraps will stop it from moving too far and injuring. I never do striking without wraps. I would tape everytime but that takes too long.

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8/8/12 10:03 A

hahah ... I hear ya. Keeping up with 20 somethings is a big motivator for me as well. They tell me I'm "old man strong". I'll take it.

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8/8/12 9:57 A

Agreed. I do believe I struck it at an odd angle. We were doing speed drills, with pads at an odd angle, plus I was working with his teenager who has an attitude and so I was more focused on letting him feel the thunder (did I just say that?) and not focusing enough on my form.

I'm going to have my brother-in-law look at my wrist today to see when I could start some free weights with it.

Thanks again.

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8/8/12 8:00 A

It's likely your form sucks. No matter how strong the wrists, if you land at an odd angle, pain.

I'm not sure what your current program is, but isolating wrists is something to do on an off day. A good overall strength training program should be strengthening wrists as a byproduct of compound, heavy lifts. Think benchpresses, overhead press even deadlifts (mucho grip strength).

Work on form with the instructor though and let that wrist heal fully before killing a man again. hehe.

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8/7/12 10:17 A

Since I've seen some great posts on strength recently, any advice for strengthening my wrists?

We did a mongo punching drill last night in Taekwondo and I completely messed up my right wrist. I guess my punching is stronger than my wrists (or maybe that's what I'm telling myself)

Anyhoo, someone told me to do my pushup sets on my wrists.

Any other advice for functional strength (not just muscles)?

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