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4/27/14 6:21 P

When I took modern dance we did these foot strengthening excersizes with a resistance band. we danced barefoot by the way, I know they helped my arch get super strong! hope that gives you an idea!

4/24/14 12:12 A

Are new shoes the answer or is combating the problem with proper strength training of the muscles of the feet the answer? I stand by my no new shoes recommendation. Treating symptoms and not causes is not an answer and shoes are palliative and not corrective.

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4/23/14 10:18 P

Have you asked a doctor? I think this would be the logical first place to go.

I think that as you lose weight, the pain will lessen, as there will be less pressure on your feet. I do know that if you don't have the right shoes for YOU, you can develop issues. I bought a good pair of running shoes from a running shoe outfit in the mall. I had been running for several months and needed a new pair of shoes as the old ones were worn out. As soon as I started using those running shoes, my knee started hurting. I thought it would get better, even went to the dr. and she told me it was probably the shoes. I changed back to my old shoes and the knee pain went away right away. BTW, they would not let me return the shoes because they had been worn!

Have you tried soaking your feet in an epsom salt bath or massaging your feet? That may also help until you get the money for new shoes. emoticon

I found this article you can check out too:

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4/23/14 5:49 P

I will now issue my minority report and disagree with all the advice you have been given. If you check and anatomy book you will see that the feet are held together by muscles. The thing about muscles if you do not use and make demands on them they get lazy and atrophy. The current generation of over engineered, over priced and over padded shoes are causing a multitude of foot problems according to the current research. Research done in England fout that the cheaper les engineered shoes caused fewer problems.This research and the growth of the minimalist footwear movement has caused all the major manufacturers to bring out minimalist shoes which were first offered by Vibram as the Five Fingers model.

Tp address the problem my advice is to first got barefoot as much as possible or at least reduce your workout footwear to beach slippers. In addition there are exercises which you can do to strengthen the muscles of the feet. Here are some relevant links to exercise programmes.

None of my recommendations carry any out of pocket expense and none will exacerbate your problem as can over engineered and over supporting, over priced shoes.

4/22/14 10:33 P

Thank you so much for all the help and advice! I promise to buy new shoes, once I have money again :( I know they are important, but for now I know I can at least do some foot exercises, thanks to all of you! To help with some of the fatigue ^_^

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4/22/14 12:21 A

I have to do them because I have a heel spur and plantar facitis. I you google these topics they will give you good range of motion stretches for your feet.

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4/21/14 9:01 P

Calf raises are an excellent exercise for the muscles in the foot. But make sure you do them barefoot - this is a far less stable platform than wearing shoes, and works the foot muscles much harder.


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4/21/14 3:22 P


There are lots of stretches you can do that will help improve the health of your feet. You can go here for a few examples. I do some of these myself, it helps.

BUT, I am also going to agree with the other two people who've replied. While stretches can help, nothing beats proper footwear when working out. Your feet are going to take a pounding. Thus the need to make sure your feet have proper support. I would suggest going to a good running/walking store in your area. if you don't have a running store, go to a reputable sports store to be fitted for a good pair of shoes.

Don't skimp on your feet. Wearing the right shoes (regardless of size) will help protect your feet. Most people don't realize how much damage is done to their feet when they wear old shoes that have lost their support or ill fitting shoes. The right shoe makes a BIG difference.

So, don't be afraid to go to a good sports store to get fitted. Pay a little bit extra for quality. You won't regret it.

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4/21/14 2:27 P

Try getting a good support to replace the support in your shoes. I ended up having to order custom supports due to my flat feet even with expensive shoes I have to change the supports every time. Hope this suggestion helps. You are doing great. emoticon

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4/21/14 2:03 P

Hate to say this but good, supportive shoes are essential to protecting your feet (and the rest of your lower body joints) when you exercise. Your feet will be much happier moving you around when you're wearing shoes with good support and cushioning than in shoes that have zero support.

4/21/14 1:30 P

I've been working out and increasing my activity for over four weeks now. I've had issues with my feet becoming fatigued while on the treadmill or really any time I'm being active on my feet. A number of people say I should get new shoes, but that is currently not feasible and I feel like it's only one answer, or just part of the answer.
I want to know if there are stretches or exercises I can do to strengthen my feet specifically? As much as new shoes can help, I don't think there is any pair of shoes in the world that will change the fact that for 30+ minutes I'm asking my feet to move 250lbs around. Just like the rest of me, I think it makes sense that my feet are out of shape!
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

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