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Thanks so much for the really helps to have an understanding of what's happening to one's body! Thank you

2/15/13 4:04 P

It was a relief to me to read about this a few weeks ago and realize I wasn't losing my mind. I went on a long hike and climbed the equivalent (according to Fitbit) of 35 flights of stairs. I had been on a weight-loss plateau for awhile and I was hoping to see a downward tick on the scale the next morning as a reward for all my hard work. Instead, I gained a few pouns. Once I understood it, I wasn't so frustrated, although it took more than a few days for it to disappear for me. Then a few weeks later, I lost 2 pounds and haven't seen them since......

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What you're experiencing is perfectly normal. It's nothing more than water retention. When you work your muscles intensely, your muscle fibers soak up water like a sponge. This is what they are supposed to do. Your muscles will release any excess water they don't need once they've recovered from the activity. You may also notice your muscles swell in size because of water retention after a workout too. Don't let this scare you.

And it's not just strength training that can cause water retention in muscles, you may notice this after an intense cardio workout or when you change your routine.

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2/15/13 12:30 P

I weigh myself once a week, however I notice that after I incorporate strength training to my workouts there is a weight gain. I'll wait a day or two and then the scale goes down. Does anyone know the reason for this? Thanks for your help!

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