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1/18/12 5:43 P

Good exercise plan

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1/18/12 2:31 P

Thanks! I am working them out to fatigue for the muscle building. I will switch and do with no weights and do my arm strengthing with my upper body.

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1/18/12 1:46 P


If you are working your arms to fatigue (meaning you wouldn't be able to do one more repetition of the exercise in proper form), then you should take a day of rest in between workouts. If it's just using light weights with high reps that isn't much of a challenge, you should be fine to do it and then strength train the next day.


There could be a lot of reasons for how you felt- depending on what you ate, how much you had to drink, whether or not you warmed up, cooled down, etc. Are you following any kind of 5k training program? If not, you might want to check out the plans on our site to give you a guide to follow.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/18/12 1:36 P

I know I am gonna try it again, but the other day I decided to jog for 10 minutes I felt great and energized after it (probably not a good idea to do this before bed) anyway, the next day I was dizzy and naseated, is there anything i can do to avoid this, any runners have any advise? I am working toward running a 5k in May so help, plz.

1/18/12 1:12 P

Honestly the arm strength training isn't a huge portion of her dvds. If you're planning on starting ST then I would do the arm work without weights. That's what I do, anyway. :)

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1/18/12 12:06 P

I am currently doing the Walk Away the Pounds which includes arm strength training. I am going to start to do strength and am wondering if doing the WAP every day should I not do the arms? I don't want to over train.

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