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You are generally better off seperating ST and cardio into different sessions if you can, rather than doing them back to back. If you have to do them in the same session, you are better off doing ST first.

It is the degree of challenge that matters for ST, not the number of reps. You should be aiming to genuinely challenge your muscles at close to their maximum capacity. Effective strength training should fatigue your muscles (ie. you feel you could not do another rep with the correct form) in 12 reps or less. Stopping at 10 reps or 12 when you could do more is not effective ST. If you can do more than 12 reps, it is time to switch up to a heavier weight/more challenging exercise.

"Arm workouts" is an ambiguous term, (as is "toning"), so we can't really comment as to whether what you are doing is effective or not. Many "arm workout" (or "core workout", etc) videos are really cardio in disguise, although there are some genuine ST videos out there.

But what you should be aiming at is to work most of the major muscles in the body with each strength workout. You can do this either through a large number of isolation exercises that work just 1 or 2 muscles at a time (this is pretty typical of many strength videos), or you can do a much smaller number of compound exercises that work several muscles at once.

An example of a simple compound routine that works most of the major muscles would be:
* squats/lunges
* deadlifts
* planks
* pushups (modified/wall/incline pushups if necessary)
* pull-ups/lat pull-downs/bent over dumbbell rows


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First, define "toning" and how is it different from strength training?

A good strength training program involves compound exercises that work all of your muscle groups ex: deadlifts, pull ups, chin ups, push ups, bench press, overhead press, rows, lunges, squats, planks, swiss ball crunches, leg lifts etc.

If you do cardio first, your strength training will suffer. If you do strength training first your cardio will suffer. So it's up to you. It would be more beneficial to alternate days between ST and cardio or do one in the morning and one a few hours later once you've recovered.

If you are fit enough in cardio you could shorten your cardio sessions by doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) but make sure your doctor clears you for this form of exercise first.

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Good Strength Training Workouts?

Does Lifting 3x10 of different arm workouts count? and then 3x10 Ab and leg workouts count or is that mostly just toning?

I normally do Cardio First because It's easier for me is that okay?

Is it also okay to Do cardio then go into my strength/toning?

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