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3/4/13 9:58 P

I found some great workout videos here for my core and legs and am going to concentrate on those for now.

I was going to physical therapy but saw no improvement. I also had a cortisone shot that did nothing to help either nor did the brace they gave me. I was doing kick boxing at the time and my doctor believes the impact of hitting bags, etc is what did the damage. However, I haven't done a thing with that arm (other than work related typing, etc) and it still hurts. I'm going to make an appointment to go back and see about getting an MRI so make sure this

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
3/4/13 2:06 P

I had tendonitis in my elbow and could not strength train, even with light weights- I'd pay for it overnight with intense throbbing. It took me almost a year to feel as though I could begin again. Once I did, I started out very light and now (a year later) I would never know that I had that issue before.

I agree to follow your doctor's orders. It stinks, but concentrate on other areas for now. Best wishes!

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
3/4/13 12:56 P

Are you going to physiotherapy for the tendonitis?

I had severe tendonitis in my right elbow as well. It took months to get back to 100%, with physio two or three times a week. I'm right handed so it was very difficult to give it the complete rest the doctor wanted. That being said, once I did recover I haven't had a single problem with it since.

If it is tendonitis, once you're recovered you should be able to resume full body strength training without any issues.

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3/4/13 10:23 A

It's most likely a long term problem. Every time it starts to feel better, I lift a small amount if weight and it hurts again. I do plan on going back to the doctor since I'm beginning to have doubts about it being tendoniti. I don't to anything with that arm these days other than writing and working my computer mouse at work and the pain never ceases.

I plan in starting a regimin of core and lower body workouts this week. I'm not seeing any change in my body with just a diet change and cardio.

3/4/13 7:59 A

Unident is right--follow doctor's orders and get back in slowly when you're ready.

Strength training, like everything else associated with health, is for life. Missing a couple of weeks to recover isn't going to derail the rest of your life, right?

Best of success to you.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/4/13 4:19 A

Of course it "qualifies" as strength training - for the part of the body worked.

Is this a temporary injury response only? Is it something you will recover from and be able to use that arm for weightlifting again? If so, just let it rest for now. Follow doctor's orders and get back in slowly as and when allowed to.

HEALTHYCATH13 SparkPoints: (3,667)
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3/4/13 1:19 A

My doctor has advised me not to use my right arm to lift or carry things since I have severe tendonitis in that elbow. How do I do strength training without usingthat arm? Should I just concentrate on my lower body and core? Is that enough to"qualify" as strength training?

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