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7/25/12 12:30 P

great! Thanks a bunch!!

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7/25/12 12:27 P

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/25/12 12:04 P

so does anyone know how to calculate how many calories I need to eat per day in order to lose 2 pounds per week. I know there is a formula for this, but I can't find it. Everyone says to cut 500 calories per day, but how can I do this when some days I may eat 2000 and others I may eat 3000, and such like that. I need to know how many calories I need per day and then I can subtract 500. Thanks guys

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7/25/12 10:53 A

Awesome! Progress!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/25/12 10:51 A

I also have an iron gym hanging on my door frame. I can't even make it to the top. After those squats I did yesterday, I feel like my legs are gonna collapse when I walk.

7/18/12 7:08 A

Oh boy, the stigma that somehow lifting weights would make someone a bodybuilder has got to stop, this has prevented many folks from lifting and living a healthier life.

Anyway, you can look at it like this:
Core weightlifting exercises (my opinion)
~Bench (chest)
~Deadlift (back)
~Squat (legs)
~Press (shoulders)

Then exercises to add:
~Bicep Curls
~Tricep Extentions
~Shoulder Shrugs
~Lat Raises
~Front Raises
~Leg Curls
~Leg Extentions
~Calf Raises
~Bent-Over Barbell Rows

these exercises are solid ones that I use.

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7/17/12 9:05 P

Isn't it the case that when you're thin you have more muscle than fat? And when you're a fatty you have more fat than muscle? Therefore to move from fatty to thin you need to build muscle and lose fat. Since strength training also burns fat, and having more muscle helps burn fat more effectively the rest of the time too (not to mention improving your looks faster than anything else), strength training is an efficient addition to a program with the goal of getting one from fat to thin.

The program that BB posted is one of the most efficient out there. Possibly sprinkle in a bit of HIIT on off days, add some stretching and myofascial release, and you're pretty much all set. You can read this if you would like a bit more on those ideas:

Also, this for another type of program layout.... also if you need convincing that weight is not what it's all about:

Basically, for the most part (unless you take it to extremes, and believe me that will take years) strength training maximizes what you have. If you're a man you become more a big, manly man. If you're a woman you pretty much slim down and get curvy. Want proof? Look up female olympic lifters, like on youtube or something. Sure a few of the real olympian women look swole (those are the ones who have trained for years while 'roided), but look at the ones who lift for fitness. Are they swole? Heck no. They are lean and athletic. Same with most of the oly lifter dudes. The guys who are all super swole are typically powerlifters or 'roided. Don't take anyone in professional bodybuilding who is not competing in a tested "natural" contest as an indication of normal physiology. More like genetic outliers boosted further by being massive biochemical experiments.

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7/17/12 6:42 P

First, quash the notion that lifting will give you the physique of a bodybuilder. It won't. Typically to look like those folks you need superior genetics, drugs or both. Not to mention you'd have to work extremely hard for a very long time. You won't accidentally get a bunch of muscle one day and say "oh damn, what happen?"

Your goal IS to gain muscle. Gain as much damn muscle as you can. Get strong, dammit. If your training is ineffective, you're basically accomplishing nothing.

With that said, it can be done relatively simply and inexpensively.

You will need a barbell, some weights and a power rack. The simple program is outlined here.

For lots more detail, google Starting Strength. You can buy the book. It is easily the most effective program I've used since I've been at it for the last couple of years.

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7/17/12 8:23 A

I do a lot of cardio but on my days off I want to start doing some Strength Training, I have a few dumbbells but that's about it. Every site I go to when I'm searching seems to be focused on gaining as much muscle as possible, that's not my aim, I just want to be healthy. Is there a program that others use that would be helpful to me? Do I need to invest in more equipment? Should I just give up before I start if I don't want to be a body builder?

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