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3/29/14 4:29 P

Thanks Archimedes.

I have read about hybrids and street bikes but hadn't heard about comfort bikes. I was looking at the Specialized Street Bikes and while pricy look nice. I've only ever had Schwinn or Jeep and it's been 15 years since I've been bike shopping.

Trying one out for a week sounds great. I didn't even think of that as an option. A trade in is a good idea too! I don't mind used as long as it's reliable. My knees really object when my chain locks up!

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3/29/14 3:30 P


There are a lot of really terrific companies that make bikes. Some possible brand names that might interest you include Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Schwinn, Fuji, Giant, etc...

If you're looking for a street/city bike, then the two types of bikes you should look into are a hybrid or a comfort bike. I own a Specialized hybrid. It's similar in style to a mountain bike, but the tires are a bit narrower and have a ridge that allows for smooth riding on streets.

A comfort bike is kinda like a hybrid, but more adapted for the city. I can take my bike off road if I want. That's another reason I picked it. There are hybrids that are closer in feel to a road bike. There is a lot of choice out there.

My advice would be to try a bunch of different brands as well as styles. You may find that you really like a road bike for fit. And that's an important thing to consider when you are buying a bike. It's just like buying running shoes. You need to find what suits your needs best.

Also, the nice thing about most bike shops is that if you leave a credit card, they'll let you test ride the bike to see if you like it. Because I did find that I didn't like the feel of how some brands rode. Personally, I favor Specialized or Trek. If I'm spending $$$s, I'll shell out for a good Italian brand road cycle.

AND... consider buying a used bike too. Some people trade in their bike the same way some people trade in their cars. You could find a really nice used bike for a big discount in price. Craigslist is another good place to find used bikes, but I do recommend that you ride the bike before buying.

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3/29/14 1:57 P

Good morning everyone.
My birthday is in a few months and I have decided that I would like a new bike. My current bike is about 15 years old, a heavy touring bike by Jeep. It was great when I lived in the “Flatlands” and the derailleurs worked. Now it’s getting to the point where the chain jumps and locks up and I constantly have to have it worked on.

I will be hitting the local bike shops and plan to consult with their pros but I’m looking for opinions on what brands you have found to be very good and features you really like.
I now live in the mountains, at 7500 feet above sea level. My street is a 3% grade and if I ride to work I have a 4-5% upgrade.

I’m looking primarily for a street bike, might do a little off roading but it would be on fairly well maintained trails not serious mountain biking. I want good suspension and comfort!
I would love one of the electric back wheels that could help with some of the steeper hills, especially the one coming home. No matter where I ride, I have a 3 mile uphill ride to get home!

Thanks for your opinions!

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