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10/3/13 11:19 A

Good for you! It's always great to start small and keep working different things in to your routine. That way they become part of your everyday lifestyle. Sounds like you have a great handle on things. Keep up the great work!

10/3/13 9:40 A

I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone and say we all need to keep going - it's worth it!! What got me started trying to move off the couch and back into working out was one day I was complaining in my head about how I didn't like how my body looked because I want a smaller waist where I can wear cute clothes instead of always having to shop for tops that look like they're from the maternity section and I suddenly realized that if I spent even half the time working on my body that I spent hating on it in my mind, I would be back in shape in just a few months. My motto has become Nike's famous JUST DO IT !!! Stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it. Stop condemning yourself in your head about it. Stop feeling guilty about it. JUST DO IT !!!!

So I started walking my dogs every morning. Soon, I was also walking them in the evenings. And I began to add little bits of activity here and there - more housework, squats, calf raises, an extra walk mid-day if the weather was cool.... one little piece at a time.

The day will come when all those pieces will suddenly fall into place and I'll get to where I'm going.

Then I gave up eating butter. I started measuring my portions. I increased my water intake. I'm still not up to 8 cups a day, but I'm constantly adding to it.

It's only been a month or so (the changes were so minute that I really can't remember exactly when I started), and already the change in my energy level is noticable and I find myself standing taller (good posture reduces my waistline by 3" all by itself!!!) and holding in my abdomen at many points of the day!

I am excited about my new healthy living journey and I am determined I will keep going, no matter how many times I may stumble or fall, until I get the body I like putting clothes on, and keep it.


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