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6/17/14 9:14 A

That happens to me any time I eat something containing chicory root, which is a fiber-dense but low-calorie additive put in a lot of fiber diet foods, like anything made by Fiber One. Stomach pains, severe bloating, gas, then an unpleasant exit. Are you eating any of those sorts of products? If so, try excluding them and getting your fiber from more natural sources like veggies, grains, and fruits, and read labels on any diet food with a fiber content because they like to sneak it in there to bump up the attractiveness of the nutrition label.

6/17/14 7:17 A

Are you using some high fiber bars or cereal?
Are you using any diet candy?

These contain ingredients that can upset the tummy.

I suggest seeing your doctor.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/17/14 3:22 A

Is that the only change you've made?

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6/17/14 2:27 A


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6/17/14 1:30 A

It sounds like you may have suddenly increased your fruit/veges and other fibre containing foods. If so, I suggest that you back off a little and gradually increase them. It could be that your gut isn't accustomed to fibre. Make sure that your fluid intake is also increased because it needs that extra fluid. Also, if you have cut your fat intake back a lot, you may need to increase that a little - just have a peek at your range and see if you are below or at the low end.

Generally the body does get used to the changes, but pain and discomfort can be reduced by tweaking your intake.

Good luck,

6/16/14 11:39 P

Since I have been eating healthier, I have had stomach aches and some diarrhea. Is this normal? Does my body just need to get used eating healthier? I have been eating more vegetables.

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