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1/16/12 5:31 P

Funstyle: I think you are a troll or you are very mis-informed.
Everything you link to, including this site in this thread, is for something that needs to be purchased... some gimmick to try to sell to people to make them believe there is a magic answer...
If you aren't a troll, then it would be helpful for you to share some information about yourself and why you have come to the conclusions you have. Then we could have an educated debate/discussion on the pros/cons of certain methods.

FUNSTYLE Posts: 180
1/16/12 5:09 P

You could have an allergy. Maybe check on your genotype as part of the blood type theory thingie. I genotyped myself last year as a hunter and found out I don't tolerate coconut oil, tomatoes, wheat- well duh already knew that- etc. Go to for more info.

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1/16/12 4:47 P

I actually don't eat them too often. Maybe once a week...sometimes every two weeks. Sometimes I go awhile before eating them. I never get bothered in they are hard boiled, in batters, etc, just when scrambled the last two times. I feel cramps and/or nausea.

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1/16/12 3:55 P

Yeah I've found that if I eat eggs even a few days in a row, I will get an upset stomach. No idea why..I think it's weird! So, I backed off on the eggs and when I do have them, I only have them a few days a week and usually not in a row..that seems to help. Not sure how often you have them, but maybe consider backing off eggs a bit and finding another source of protein/fats to sub in

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1/16/12 3:46 P

I've had problems with scrambled eggs giving me bad gas before.
I really don't know why it happens. It hasn't mattered if it was scrambled eggs from a restaurant or homemade...
That being said, I rarely eat scrambled eggs anymore - when I do I don't seem to have much of an issue.
I do eat eggs regularly, either added into a recipe or as just a plain fried or hard boiled egg.

My only advice is to ease off the eggs for a bit and then try them cooked other ways.

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1/16/12 3:16 P

Yes! Same with me, only scrambled eggs, sometime even the smell of scrambled eggs cooking, made me feel a little sick. Seems to come and go.

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1/16/12 3:10 P

Seems safer to have an allergy panel done by a doctor than to just reintroduce a potential allergen.

However, if you only have this reaction to scrambled eggs, it doesn't sound like an allergy. Do you have the same reaction to plain hard-boiled eggs, or eggs in cooked dishes?

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1/16/12 2:44 P

a lot of people develop egg allergies. stop eating eggs, and then in a couple months introduce them again.

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1/16/12 2:41 P

I never had any problems before that I recall, but lately after eating eggs I feel sick to my stomach/stomach cramps. Anything else with eggs I never notice this. Only when I eat my eggs scrambled. I never eat them fried or anything. But meaning anything eggs are added into to make something I am fine. Anyone else?

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