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8/9/13 8:30 A

Oh yes, I'm behaving myself and only doing what is recommended at this point. It's frustrating because I'm now motivated, but not supposed to do all that I want. That's okay though because even when doing household activities, I get reminded often that I had a terrible illness for many months and it's okay that I'm not 100% yet.

KPA1B2 Posts: 786
8/8/13 9:38 P

It's kinda like parking in a handicapped spot when no one can see the disability. The glares we get during the winter when my husband's brace isn't visible!

Make sure that you are talking to your doctor about exercising! Good luck to you.

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8/6/13 8:19 P

My sister went through a long down time following a heart condition, so I have a good idea of how frustrating this can be for you. Its especially difficult when no one can "see" your disability; people are not intentionally thoughtless about it...they genuinely have no idea!!

Take care, and Here's Wishing you the Best in the next few months!!

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8/6/13 7:43 P

That's pretty much why I've been so slow to get back to it. It doesn't take much to wind me and trust me, I do NOT want to go back to the misery.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/6/13 7:30 P

Wow, I've had to take a month off from exercise due to illness and was disheartened to see my progress slip away - 7+ months I can't even imagine. That's not so much returning as entirely starting over.

Be sure to work with your doctor to get advice on a safe pace to advance at, and signs that you should back off and if your body still needs time to heal. The last thing you need is to stress your body to illness again, especially as it tries to build itself back up from the last one! I hope you get back to where you want to be soon!

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8/6/13 7:21 P

It started with costochondritis (rib cage inflammation) plus bronchitis, then I developed pneumonia. I was REALLY sick for 4 months. Quite sick for another 1 month and no where near well for another 2 months. The past month or so has been the first when I've felt pretty good most of the time and finally my stamina has started to return. The reason I am not focussing on more than 10 minutes of exercise is that I needed to get back up my stamina on household chores. I was doing NO chores except my own personal bathing (and even sometimes at the beginning I needed help to shower).

The rib cage inflammation was the last to heal. It was hard to do much lifting at all and certainly no twisting the upper body while holding anything of any weight. It was only this past month that I've been regularly grocery shopping on my own and able to carry them in without assistance.

For example, I haven't "exercised" much, but yesterday I did several hours of yard work for my mother. So I am getting back to activity, just not the gym. This illness truly truly was awful and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies.

KPA1B2 Posts: 786
8/6/13 6:14 P

I'm so sorry! I got sick the first of June, I'm just starting to be able to walk for 30 min. which is what my doctor told me to do 6 weeks ago. 6 weeks ago I couldn't even do 10 min. of walking!

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
8/6/13 4:41 P

You can do anything you decide you want to do!

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8/6/13 4:36 P

What the heck made you sick for 8 months? because if you were only sick for 4 months, you should be able to do a lot more than 10 min of exercise right now.

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8/6/13 3:48 P

Well, it has been a long road to recovery, including my fitness. I took sick in late December and got the stuffing knocked out of me for more than 4 months and then after that, stamina was slow to return.

I've done a wee bit of 10 minutes at a time. And I'm mostly back to normal household chores. I certainly don't need any encouragement to take it slow because that's all I can do really. emoticon

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