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4/4/13 3:36 P

Thanks for your help everyone! It can get confusing, can't it? I understand it now, thanks again!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
4/4/13 7:25 A

Keep in mind too when you track your Fitness, it is not a good idea to include things like cleaning the house or putting away groceries-- these daily life type activities are already taken into account by Spark when figuring your range. If for example you spent an hour stripping hardwood floors or shoveling snow, I'd count that. They're things that really get your heart rate up and keep it up there. But not "normal" type activity.

You run the risk of overinflating your calories burned.

Spark will let you set a goal of up to 2 pounds lost per week; however as Deb noted, that's not a realistic goal when you have so little left to lose. It's disappointing-- but on the other hand, the time is going to pass anyway. A little loss every week will add up over time, to get you to your goal.

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4/3/13 2:12 P

Your "calories to burn" goal is what is used to calculate your food needs, not your actual calories tracked. Since you're tracking way higher than the goal - change the goal. You can manually set this value on the Fitness Goals page.

I wouldn't recommend 2lb/week loss at your weight. Set your weight loss goal for no more than a pound a week (even that is probably not likely).

A good guide is 3% of the weight you have left to lose. Your tracker indicates 5kg left (11lbs). Three percent of 11 pounds is a third of a pound a week. So that should be your weight loss goal.

4/2/13 7:36 P

You can change your calories burned weekly through planned exercise.
When I entered your info and set the calories burned to 2449...
I received a calorie range for weight loss of 1200-1550. This was using a 2 pound weekly weight loss goal.

Let me know if you need help with setting this up.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

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4/2/13 5:31 P

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4/2/13 5:19 P

Hey y'all! I have a calorie question. I have read a lot of the topic articles on calories but still struggling here.

My total calories burned last week was 2449 and Sparkpeople says for me to aim for 680 a week. I am a pretty active person in constant motion with cleaning, groceries, exercise and walking, etc.

I'm confused! How many calories should I be aiming for in order to keep up with my active days right now?

I am 37 years old, 5'10" and 188 lbs. My workouts are between 20 and 45 minutes long. I am wanting to get down to a healthy weight so I can play with my kids, get my heart healthy again and lose the health issues that come from the extra weight. My doctor wants me to be more active to strengthen my heart.

Back in 1995 I split my kneecap in half but never really went to the doctor for it, so I am "paying" for that now. I am doing exercises to strengthen the muscles to stabilize my knee so that factors into what I can do. I can barely do a squat right now but I keep trying, not pushing too hard but try to slowly strengthen it.

Thanks for your help!

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