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2/7/13 7:05 P

I did this awhile ago and it helps so much! I need to do this again because it really helps emoticon

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2/7/13 3:48 P

OK--Sticky notes. I use them and I find that they're useful (although, like you said, the other people in my house sometimes chuckle).

*Positive motivational quotes are great (for anybody in the house) these are all over the internet. You can find which work for you. Great places to put these include the mirror that you see first thing in the morning, your shoes for work, your sock drawer...

* Along those lines, I've found that "Just Begin" are two very powerful words. If I don't feel like a workout--just begin (Often I find the motivation to continue along the way.) When those 8 glasses of water seem monumental--Just Begin.

* I have various notes that I sometimes post on my cabinets. They help keep me from certain foods if it's not the right time (let's say I've already "spent" my calories). These notes come and go regularly. The same could be used on a fridge or a particular container on the fridge.

* I once heard Jillian Michaels say "What do you want?!?" on the Biggest Loser to one of the contestants. The point was that choices mean that you're saying yes to one thing and saying no to another. I have that quote on my cooking-pot cabinet door. That one stays put.

These are just a couple ways I've used notes to myself. I hope you get lots of other ideas! emoticon Welcome!

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Your girlfriend meant well, but she's wrong. ;) Your body does not change how it digests and metabolizes things based on when you eat. ;) It doesn't matter what time it is... a calorie is a calorie. You don't ever need a protein shake! They can be useful for curbing cravings and a healthy snack, but your body will metabolize fat the same way while you're asleep no matter what you have.

You will find the only people pushing this idea are people who are selling the shakes! There's no reliable evidence that this does anything of the sort. In fact, if you drink a shake on top of your day's calories, it could even sabotage you by sending you over your calorie range!

When you eat an individual snack or meal has very little effect on your weight loss. What matters is your calorie deficit over the course of a week. Skip the high-priced supplements, and save your sticky for something that works.

For example: 3 sessions of 10 minutes of exercise are just as helpful and effective as 30 minutes all at once!

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2/7/13 2:38 P I just joined spark people yesterday. :) HELLO! I have been working out for a little over 3 weeks now and just recently decided that wasn't working on it's own, so now I'm changing my food habits, but it is HARD to remember every thing I have been being told! SO....I was thinking I would make sticky notes to put on my bedroom mirror, the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, on the TV where I work out, on the treadmill....everywhere.....

Like recently a girlfriend of mine told me this: If your body has protein before bed it will metabolize fat while you sleep instead of going dormant plus it curbs sweet she recommends having an EAS protein shake before bed.

So I was thinking I'll put that info on a sticky note and put it next to my bedside to remind me protein before bed = good! :)'s where I am asking for help :) What other tips or advice has helped you shed pounds & inches, tone & tighten your body and that you feel is the most essential advice for me or anyone reading this as we get going on our journey! I want sticky notes everywhere in the house so my kids think mom's going nuts! ;)

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